Sistah Girls, I enjoy books that allow me to get in the middle of the story and experience it firsthand. It is exciting to meet the book heroes and heroines and rejoice during their journey.

And with the seasons changing, I am taking my talents inside. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and something warm to drink after a long day. 

So this list is for all the Sistah Girls looking for a romance novel you can cuddle up with…

Emotional Descent by K.C. Mills

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I have never met a bounty hunter, but If I ever meet one, he has to be like Balor.

The first time Balor met Keiris, I knew some crazy action would soon happen. And I could feel the out-of-the-box drama pending. Here is the plot: Keiris was on a date with a deadbeat when she was kidnapped and placed in a compromising position.

Balor was on a mission to collect a bounty for the deadbeat Keiris entangled with that day. At first, I was horrified, and later I laughed my butt off with the magnitude of the situation. Trouble, better known as Balor, had trust issues, mommy issues, and a charming heart once you unraveled his pieces.

The part I liked most was his domineering and nonchalant personality. “How is it you think I’m mean when I saved you from a date from hell and likely prevented Jordan from draining your bank account? That was chivalry at its best.” Do you see why this guy was lovely and the story cutely quirky?

Forever After All by Riley Baxter

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First, let me say that the man on the cover was scrumptious.

And the story lived up to the beautiful cover. Jashae’s ex left her and their baby girl in pain after Khardel died during a traffic incident. She never meant to love again, and then she met a man named Caine.

When Jashae first met Caine, he frequently hopped from one woman to another, and the idea of settling down was ludicrous. Right? Wonders never cease to amaze me in a romance novel.

In this exquisite story, you will meet a man who changed his worldview for a woman and her child. “Something about Caine Bellamy will make a Nun change her mind about her celibacy declaration.” I am seriously in agreement with Jashae.

Down to the Wire-(The Toure` Security Group, 1) by Patricia Sargeant

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This romantic suspense deals with Dr. Grace Blackwell, a medical researcher caught up with a rogue hacker.

The story takes several turns and flips, trying to narrow down the mystery with a few medical researchers dying in the cause. IT and security expert Malachi Toure` reunited with his former lover and was determined to crack the case before Dr. Blackwell met her demise.

This is a good romance story mixed with some suspense that will leave you wanting more.

A Beautiful Distraction by Robbie Renee

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Sometimes, a distraction is a good thing, and other times it is another thing.

Justin Davenport had a level of desire any woman would find alluring with his swag. Elori Maxey was a yoga instructor with a young daughter. So, when the new man initially entered her life with a cagey persona, this would slowly change.

After a reprieve, Justin is all about Elori and her baby girl once he realizes his heart only beats for Elori. “Elori. I didn’t believe in love anymore before I met you. I convinced myself that I would be content alone. But the moment I met you, I knew that the universe had other things in store for me.” -Justin.

And the rest is romance story history.

With These Words (The Things Unseen Book 4) by K. Lashaun

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The final installment in the Things Unseen Series was great.

There are a few trigger warnings in this story so take notice and decide if you want to keep reading.

Eden Foster’s strife from the time she was born continued into adulthood. Eden was a tiny and mighty person with a heavy burden from her family’s unruly behavior and greed. Oddly, Eden supported her ungrateful family. Eden gets invited into The Professional Fighting Conference, and she still has to fight underground for her ex, Rome, and his evil father.

The bright part in this story is that Keem decided to come back to claim Eden after their misunderstanding. This is a love story that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. 

In Love, I Trust: Rose Hill Series by Brooklyn Mosley

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It’s been a treat to meet the new characters in Rose Hill. When we met Trey in a precious series, I hoped this cool guy received a book. I will admit, the story was another one for the books, and I wanted to crawl into the middle of the story. 

This story was more potent when Serenity gave Trey a chance to be her man. “What do you think about…”I started. ‘Me moving to Rose Hill?” Serenity nodded slowly. “I want this.” -Trey

That line was near the end of the story, but you have to understand the challenging time it took for Serenity to trust any man again. Trey was the sweetest man and deserved this happily-for-now story.

Sistah Girls, did you find a cuddle-worthy book? Let me know in the comments section, stay warm, and I will see you again soon!

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