Black Romance In March

Sistah Girls, March is the beginning of Spring and the time to think about love and romance in color. The compiled list will give you some extra sexy and sappy books to pine over and find a new book bae…or three.

Train Tripping by Angelia Vernon Menchan

This story features an older man in love with a younger woman and the adventure that led them to their beautiful relationship. Menchan delivered a sexy love story about never giving up on love.

Also, just to clarify, the couple is consenting adults doing grown-up things. Their experience involved trains, a unique career path, extraordinary adventures, and a love story worth its weight in gold.

Mister Librarian by B. Love

I love a mystery with a dosage of suspense along with a love story in the mix. This cover is extra sexy, and the idea behind this story will intrigue you.

Mr. Librarian owns a bookstore, yet the story is about more than the books involved in the tale. It’s about a love story with so much energy you might get heat-infused burns turning the pages. The story is an excellent, suspenseful tale to get your juices flowing. Trust me on this one.

Game Time Decision: Brooklyn Monarchs, Book V by Patricia Sargeant

The story was a better version of Love and Basketball with an arrogant basketball star and the lady he left behind. In this story, Marlon is the quintessential arrogant asshole who thought he hung the moon.

The lady he left gave him chance after chance before his time ran out. When they met again years later, it was a new day. The story is sports-themed with a romantic side. Marlon will take time, (all the while getting on your last nerves) before you want to claim him as your bae but give him a chance to redeem himself.

Like I Want You and FWM: A Scandalous Novella by Shante

Both stories included alpha book bae’s, however, I suggest that you first read FWM: A Scandalous Novella before reading, Like I want You. The female characters are best friends and introduced in this story.

In addition, you will immediately discover why Lakariy gives new meaning to alpha males as the story unravels as he plans the demise of his enemy combatant.

Finally, the chance to be with the woman Lakariy adored from afar became his mission. This story’s twists and turns, along with the sensual attacks, were phenomenal. Then after you devour that tale, check out.

In Like I want You, you meet yet another man you will learn to adore there among the pages. Jreu is the most annoying man you will ever meet. But, then again, he will evolve (so don’t give up on him) as his and Kia’s story begins to unravel.

And as the chapters turn into magical emotional moments, you will see why I chose both men for this list of great lovers for this romantic book bae edition.

No Longer Afraid by Christina C. Jones


First, this book is part of a series, and some of the characters are from other books you should read before taking this journey. Onyx’s character introduction occurred in the third book, Maybe One More Time: Vegas Nights.

He and Blue had a brief encounter that sparked this new story. The other note to be aware – Alicia or Ace’s story takes place in a few books before this one. The focus of this one is about the motorcycle club/gang named the Predators, which included Blue and Tati.

Onyx being a part of the story ties in with the Rose and Thorns and the backstory you will discover as this one moves through the storyline. Onyx and Tati’s relationship and Tati and Blue’s relationship are critical factors in this tale. Both Blue and Onyx are most definitely book bae material.

Welp, that’s all for now Sistah Girls. If you’ve read (or plan on reading) any of these stories, let me know how you enjoyed them in the comments section. 

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