Sistah Girls, Spring is right around the corner–believe it or not, and love is always in the air when the season changes. If you need some new Black romance novels to check out, I have the goods.

So as we spring forward and the sun sets later, and you switch to a lighter jacket be sure to check out these stories…

Baby, Come Back by Cheryl Barton

Baby, Come Back was a second chance love story. In this story, Preston Washington and Sumaria Moore were smitten with one another since they were fifteen years old. They derived from different lifestyles and financial classes.

Even with that difference, Sumaria and Preston grew to fall in love. After a loss and an argument, they separated for a few years to reunite, with a significant surprise looming. Preston came back to claim his love with his wealth status much improved.

The story has several ups and downs, and a few times, my bleeding-heart bled profusely. In the end, the story was a perfect spring swan song.

Be Mine by Millie Belizarie

Be Mine by Millie Belizarie shows how this author writes the most profound love stories for a young artist. The collection of short love stories was so good. The story featured three couples still trying to make their relationships work.

You might remember the couples from three of her previous smash hits. Kain and Lauren featured in the Collide Series were still a menace to making magic all over again. Drew and Eden, the New Orleans couple, brought back all the fantasy as the Mardi Gras and the sweet comfort of being together. Shaun and Caprice-the sexy couple from fast took a break from their emotional rollercoaster to provide a remarkable revolution about loving without exceptions.

The Way You Hold Me (Pure Talent Book 2) by Elle Wright 

The story is another excellent choice for a Spring love story. Skye Palmer was a crisis manager for A-Listers and heavy hitters. Garrett Steele was a manager for the elite as well. Garrett threw a monkey wrench in their life plans when they teamed to solve a couple’s woes together.

Disaster looming-Skye and Garrett were ex’s coming together to put out a few fires in work relationships and found themselves dealing with their rekindled hearts.

A Taste So Forbidden by Erika B.

Sistah Girls, this story had a great vibe. Ms. Erika B. delivered another book, bae, Sis is on a roll with some ever-sexy stories.

Lauren and Spencer had a quick start relationship that sizzled from the first page they met. Their heated vibe was steamier than a sauna during intimate moments. Erika B. provided excellent character development, this was a sensuous tale that was all about love.

Love For The First Time by Pamela Campbell

Loving the boss’s daughter is not typically easy. Especially when her father is controlling, overbearing deals with some unsavory business practices and wields a tight hold on his daughter’s life.

When the tyrant’s second in command, Christian Griffin, fell for his daughter, things did not go as planned, and rocky was not synonymous with relationship goals for the young couple.

The Sweetest Love: Love Conquers All Series by Suzette Riddick

The story was a lovely tale about finding love and cherishing your lover. When your tormentor becomes your tasty treat, it is all about the heroine’s newfound beauty.

At first, I thought the hero was a mild jerk, but later I realized it was the heroine’s alluring presence. The couple would work together to make their class reunion successful and keep their attraction off-limits in the story. The reunion brought back feelings they thought were dead and buried. I laughed and rejoiced to watch the couple dodge their desires and then succumb to the inevitable.

Sistah Girls, there is something on this list for everyone interested in reading about Black love. Let’s celebrate the change of season and Black Love!

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