Sistah Girls, I am from a large family, one of the younger siblings in the bunch, so family ties are always a treat. So, it was natural to offer some of the books that feature sibling love.

It’s always cool to watch siblings come together to solve problems while also following their personal journeys to find love and happiness. And I love a good series so…

The Unforgettable Series by Tiye Love

Three books with a black man on the cover of each book

This series features some hot brothers from New Orleans, the party city capital. Each story is about two prominent families in The Chocolate City. Book one: Unforgettable Kiss is Tre Lasalle and Rani Blue’s story. Tre is the city mayor, and Rani is the one that got away from Tre.

Book two: Unforgettable Man, features Devin Toussaint and Royalty James. Both are part of upper echelon families in New Orleans and they are the movers and shakers in this story. The secret Royalty carried will be the catalyst for the power struggle this couple will endure.

Book three: Unforgettable Night, follows Nicholas Toussaint the consummate bachelor, and Tessa LaSalle, (the City’s Assistant District Attorney), who are collectively from powerful New Orleans families.

But, in this story, they will clash over competing ideals. I wondered which family would come out ahead and would the couple’s chemistry make a difference in their choices. But instead, the siblings bonded together in support to be able to cover the other’s best interests.

Book four: Unforgettable Love follows Trevor LaSalle and Sabrina DuBois. Although the couple divorced for more than five years, Sabrina was in town to flesh out a report that could cause an even wider chasm between the two prominent families. But unfortunately, her plan to get Trevor back jeopardized her actions as a reporter as the siblings stood steadfast in her path towards success.

Black male in tan shirt with red words on the front of a book cover

A Brooks Family Values (4 Book Series) by Iris Bolling

three books stacked in 3D format

In this series, each book focuses on a prominent family named Brooks. The first book, Sinergy (A Brook’s Family Values Book 1), features the Brooks daughter Nicole Brooks and developer Xavier Davenport in a battle of wills.

The story will set the pace for what is in store for readers. The entire clan’s introduction occurred in this first book. In the subsequent books, you will meet each member and get a deep dive into their lives. 

It’s in book three: Propensity For Love (A Brook’s Family Values Book 3) where family and brotherly love come to bore overwhelmingly Brook’s values.

Vernon Brooks, the high-powered attorney accused of killing his wife, must prove his innocence, and the only person to clear his name is the brother he wronged years prior.

But the story is also about forgiveness and finding one true-meant-to-be-love. Rene Navarone is a boot-clad, whip-carrying woman who showed Vernon about loving and the importance of family support.

The Holliday Sisters Collection by Nicole Falls

Three Holiday Books

This four-book series features sisters named closely related to holiday seasons. Noelle, Valora, Juniper, and Ginger were sweet, sassy, and annoyingly fun to be around unless you were their sibling. Nevertheless, the sisters afforded readers a chance to enjoy their eclectically connected vibe.

Love In Seattle Series by Asia Monique

Three books in the color red, blue, and purple

This series features the Holloway siblings and the trouble they endured to have the life and the perfect person for their lives. The cast of characters, Israel Holloway and Amelia Reinhart meet in Dear Amelia.

Izekiel Holloway meets Joane Martin in Sincerely Yours, Love Always features Immanuel Holloway and Tiava Johnson, and Truly Yours gives us Ishmael Holloway and Sawyer Peterson. Each tale showed readers how family and good friends are must-haves.

The Mercy Sisters (Three Book Series) by J. Nichole

Three Black Women on book covers

I laughed out loud many times while reading this series, first, Marcie Mercy’s story Love Knocked started the fun and games. Next, Nicollette Mercy’s story, Love Requested continued the momentum.

And Olivia Mercy’s story, Love Delivered, fits the storyline to a tee for sisterly vibes readers often enjoy. In each edition, the sister’s happily, for now, vibe resonated they met the correct match.

Open Your Heart (Richardson Sisters Book 3) by Cheris Hodges

Now the entire The Richardson Sisters is good, but Open Your Heart features a sexy, irresistible sister in this beautiful tale with a suspenseful element. This book ramped up the sister’s storyline with more drama and action.

Yolanda Richardson, (a boutique owner) fled the big city to return to her hometown of Charleston, S.C. She planned to get out of the crosshairs of a killer. So, Yolanda hires Charles Morris as her bodyguard to keep her safe. But will she be safe from his probing dark eyes and his super sexy persona? Sistah Girls, that man has my permission to guard my entire body.

Okay, Sistah Girls, let’s all hug our siblings and anyone you identify as a family member!

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