Black Romance During The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us, and I am ready to Jingle my Bells with some nice Christmastide reads. Dashing through the snow with a one-horse open sleigh, all the books to read- while laughing all the way.

Okay Sistah Girls, I have books to add a little holiday cheer, and do not forget to add some Brandy to the eggnog! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Dashing Through the Snow by Cheryl Barton

Dashing Through the Snow was the first book I read this year to prepare for some holiday good reads. In this story, get ready to run over this man with a reindeer.

How did a man this idiotic think it would be okay to end his marriage with a text message? Oh, I have the answer, he did not think. Yes, ladies, you heard it correctly. Marcus Payne would feel some pain if my husband was this idiot. Have no fear; ladies’ Brooke found something better in the form of Ian Samuels.

Yes, Ian cleaned the mess Marcus made with his wife’s heart. Ian showed Brooke that a man’s best friend is on her body’s left side and engrained into his soul. While they dashed and danced through the snow, love simmered deep within. 

Christmas With The Angels by Genesis Woods & Shantaé

The story is a revisit for the three sisters from Bikes, Toys, & Hot Boyz. The group called Angel Harts was an all-female biker’s club; their men’s fascinating lifestyles matched their ladies perfectly.

In this latest version, the group went through hell and back from the first story, and now they have other challenges to deal with as the holiday approaches. I’m sure you will enjoy the stories while roasting chestnuts on an open fire, and listening to your favorite holiday classics.

The Winter Wedding: A Donovan Friends Novel (The Donovan Friends) by A.C. Arthur

If you have not read anything by this author, the Donovan series ranks top on my list. A wedding for two of the prominent characters in the Donovan’s series.

Although the story promised a storybook ending for Monica Lakefield and Alexander Bennett, this edition readers got a glimpse at the next level for this series, with the ancillary couple as a vital part of this holiday love festival.

I know you will like this winter wonderland love story.

Taye’s Gift (Small-Town Christmas Wishes Series Book 6) by Pat Simmons

This was a sweet and inspirational story about a young woman named Taye who lost her job before Christmas. And so that you understand her plight better, she did not curse or scream about God not loving her.

Listen carefully; while she job searched, Taye learned she would get a check for $1500, but she had to bless someone else who needed it more within the next 30 days. The story showed Taye about favor. Taye’s blessings overflowed in abundance in this short, sweet tale about the gift of giving.

Race To A Christmas Reunion by Brenda Jackson

The holiday short is a rerelease, first published in 2008 as part of a NASCAR anthology. The story is the same, with an updated cover and title.

In the story, race car driver Myles Joseph was in town for a close friend’s wedding. He would see the woman he left behind all those years ago; only time would tell whether she would forgive his transgressions and mend their broken hearts.

Myles hoped to get a second chance to be a better man than the one who left Lisa St Claire with a broken heart. But both had extra boxes under the tree; they each needed to unpack. I know, I know, NASCAR does not give anyone ideas about revving their engine of love, but in this case, the story was good for a few laps around the bend.

Memories & Mistletoe: A Kiawah Island Romance (Kiawah Kisses) by Louise Lennox

The story was a lovely treat and my first novel by this author. Just in time for the holidays, a new author, and a fun second chance love story. Black Love on this book cover was purely magical. The couple looked like real people, and their story was delightful.

Rhue and Symone epitomized the way love manifests in a re-do-relationship, you know, a do-over. The writing in the story was jolly and bright. Sprinkled with cheer, this story was a holiday delight.

Hollidae Fling by Joy Avery

A Joy Avery novel is a guaranteed hit. I look forward to each release, with the same glee as Nat King Cole’s version of “The Christmas Song” every holiday.

In this novel, Sienna Turner was not a Christmas friend; she did not like the season. A name change to Scroogette was better suited. Jake Holidae strolled into brighten her day, and how can one hate a handsome man named after the best season of the year?

Well, listen, Sienna Scroogette gave old man Scrooge a run for his money in this tale. And in the end, Jake helped Sienna see the beauty of his namesake.

Sistah Girls, I hope you get all the gifts you wished for this year and that the books throughout the year added enjoyment. It is always my pleasure to share my reading experiences with you. Until next time.

Have a fabulous Holiday, Sistah Girls!

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