Black Romance Novels for December 

Sistah Girls, this year was another great reading time for me. So, I wanted to get you guys in the mood for the upcoming holiday season.

The books on this list include a few holiday stories and some good ole fashioned Black love stories. So gather a few sweet treats and a hot toddy, and go ahead and curl up with a few of the books from the list.

A Christmas Wish by Cheryl Barton


I like a lovely story with a tiny bit of drama. In Kenneth and Bella’s story, add a cutie child; the recipe is a magical reading experience.

The good news is Kenneth, the Fire Captain for the fire station. You see where I am going with my drooling. Parts of the book resemble a Hallmark Christmas movie with a lighthearted theme.

Also, the cuteness factor is nice anytime baby girl Willow is a part of the story. The holiday story is a great start for this season. A Christmas Wish adds the perfect start to the season with this tale.

Treading Water by Diana W. 

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This story has two parts, the side with Dante’s troubles and the other with Ava’s. Dante’s problems mostly centered around his ex and the kids.

The storyline fits the description of Ava with her cheating ex and Dante. Both treaded water within their disjointed relationships. As the story progresses, Ava and Dante’s time together and chemistry spark, and their bonding robust. The slow-burn love story fits the bill anytime you need a soft account.

Connie Easton by Cessation


I will admit, in the beginning, this story annoyed me BUT it was so enjoyable. Have you ever read a story where wifey was more the side chick than the side chick? Yes, I said that.

In this story, Yani’s relationship involved a world-class liar and cheater for ten years before discovering that Truth was a Liar. And, yes, the man who lied to her name is Truth. *deep sigh*

I read two books by Connie Easton before reading this one, and now I’m going down the rabbit hole and diving into her catalog. I hope Easton writes another story about Yani and Paxton. *hint hint*

Safe In His Loving Refuge: A Safe With Me Holiday Edition by Stephanie Nicole Norris


The Rose family stories will likely always have a special place in my heart. A holiday story adds the extra-special part to my delight, and the newest addition was short and dripped with sweetness.

Jonas twins had a nice treat for their father for his day, and I think you will adore this story.

Center City Christmas: Plus A Wedding (Temptation) by Angelia Vernon Menchan


The story is about a couple who remarried during the Christmas Holidays after being apart for several years. The latest edition is also about connecting with Angelia Vernon Menchan’s various characters over many books.

I suggest you read the couple’s previous story to understand this version: Muhammad and Miko Maintaining: A Cinnamon Black Story.

The couple features several books that connect them to the Center City Dream Team, with Cinnamon and Malcolm Black as the focus. However, this story’s pivotal moments are the growth over the years between Miko, Muhammad, and their extended families.

Menchan loves to tell stories about large families and intelligent little ones.

A Worthy Love by A.E. Valdez 


Couples who make an impression differ from typical characters. Nothing ordinary describes Asher and Marisa. Asher was the cutest nerd in a romance I enjoyed reading about as of late. He is my number one.

Marisa is a free-spirited young woman who knew what she wanted and pursued those interests wholeheartedly. When Marisa gave up her hopes in Reese, her choice to let Asher see her softer side was the correct answer. The story was straightforward, with no hidden agendas.

In A Christmas Mood (A Holiday Snack) by Ka’-Dee Allen


The story was the first one I’ve read by Ka’-Dee Allen, and I’ll be back. (Terminator Voice). First, this story was cute, and the couple in this one stole my Christmas cookies.

Then, Kathryn wanted a bunch of holiday hook-ups to settle her broken heart, and I was not angry with her. Thirdly, she met an attorney who knew about the Laws of Attraction and set out to read her rights.

Finally, Reese is determined to be the best man for Kathryn by showing her real-time love. Sistah Girls, you will thoroughly enjoy this story. 

The entire family at Sistah Girls Book Club wishes you all a Happy Holiday Season, and we look forward to bringing you some special treats in the coming year!

Until next Time!

Sistah Girls Book Club



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