Sistah Girls, every now and then we need to revisit some dope throwback Black romance stories to give our authors their flowers.

Now a lot of you may or may not be privy to some of these dope stories–which is why we’re here. This is Black literary nostalgia at its finest. We’ve got some old-school loving that we all know never gets old. 

Give Me Fever (Strong Family Book 3) by Niobia Bryant

Give Me Fever (Strong Family Book 3) is a hot and sexy story, it’s the third book in the Strong family series. Kaeden Strong is an unassuming accountant (that’s also a hottie) who ends up stranded during a camping vacation with a lady out of his league.

However, the free-spirited beauty Jade ends up wanting the handsomely nerdy man. Together they blazed a trail during their adventure that nearly gave me a fever while reading their tale.

In 2010, Niobia Bryant released Heated (Strong Family Book 1), the first sexy edition in the saga, and the author added the remaining five books in the series over the next few years. But, again, my favorite is book three. 

A Chance with You (Kimani Hotties Book 46) by Yahrah St. John

The story was released in 2013 and received honors for the best Kimani Romance that year. This throwback was one of my first by St. John. It is sexy in short supply, but the story holds its own. Don’t start yelling about not enough ruffled sheets. The love story is about two people, opposite in many ways, who will stir your emotional psyche.

To Love a Stallion (The Stallion Series Book 1) by Deborah Fletcher Mello

 Mello introduced readers to the amazing Stallion clan in 2008. To some people, a stallion is a remarkable species. John Stallion epitomized the description.

Texas-born and bred ranch owner Marah Biscoe is the perfect mate for the equally successful businessman, John Stallion. Unfortunately, the couple clashed like the Titans in a battle of wills over her family’s legacy. The story had a minimum amount of family drama, a beautiful storyline, and the need to have your own Stallion.

The first edition is an oldie but a goodie.

No One But You by Maureen Smith

This is one of my favorite mystery and suspense authors. Smith gave readers a string of great reads in the early 2000s. In this story, decorated FBI agent Althea Pritchard returned to her hometown in Baltimore, Md., to catch a kidnapper.

Pritchard is paired with Special Agent Damien Wade to assist with their highly publicized case. Unfortunately, nothing prepared them for the level of chemistry their interludes evoked. And when the hunter became the hunted, Damien stops at nothing to save his partner and love interest.

Secret Attraction (The Lawsons of Louisiana Book 2) by Donna Hill

The Lawsons of Louisiana is an eight-book series that was released in 2011 as a Harlequin Kimani Romance. In this story, the Lawson daughter Desiree is a member of Louisiana’s politically powerful Lawson’s.

However, Spence Hampton, the naughty neighbor from Baton Rouge, sidelined her political aspirations. Little did Desiree know; their secret attraction deliciously revealed their chemistry in this enticing love story.

Sensual Confessions (Madaris Family Saga Book 9) by Brenda Jackson

Brenda Jackson helped many readers with our love affair with romance novels. The Madaris Family Saga remains my number one romance series by Jackson.

Sensual Confessions is my favorite within the series, this one is the tale of Blade Madaris. Their story began when Blade met Samari Di Meglio at his cousin Luke’s nuptial. At first, the consummate bachelor’s interest involved getting Samari in a horizontal position. However, over time Blade’s infatuation with the beauty caused him to make a few sensual confessions.

Big Spankable Asses by Angie Daniels 

Big Spankable Asses is part of a three-book series featuring several authors. The stories are about independent women looking for love.

Fienin is about Nightclub owner Simone Thomas deciding that love was unlikely. Her goal was only to have sex and go about her business.

Just Lay Down, by Kimberly Kay Terry follows Lilliana Michaels who meets her match with Josh Ellis. Little did Liliana know, after leaving her ex-husband and her unpleasant situation, that she would meet a new man, a breath of fresh air. Caught by Lisa G Riley is the third book in the series, and this one covers the same premise as the previous books about ladies looking for love.

Melinda Carlisle chose dating services to fill her dating needs. The applicant who best fits her needs turned out to be Dr. Pantino, one of the doctors at the office where she worked. These three stories exceeded my expectations.

Sistah Girls, I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. Old-school love is sexy too, and I am sure you will find something on this list to enjoy during the summer months.

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