Sistah Girls, if you love YouTube (like I do) then you already know about BookTube. But for those who don’t know, BookTube is where it’s at, readers give you full-length videos with book recommendations, reviews, predictions, and read-a-thons, and they host live book discussions, hauls, and so much more.

Now I know BookTok is that girl right now but don’t sleep on BookTube because she’s also that girl. BookTubers move at a different pace, they create longer videos, which means longer book reviews and more in-depth recommendations because they quite literally have more time.

I love a good book vlog, haul, prediction video, and even some literary tea, so if that’s your thing, here is a list of BookTube girlies you should follow right now…

Book Tribe

The thing I love the most about Ty (outside of her charming personality) is that sis has range. On her page, you’ll find a little of everything, she covers multiple genres, and she gives you monthly wrap-ups, book recs, hauls, and so much more.

Shawnaci Schroeder

I stumbled upon Shawnaci Schroeder while scrolling on TikTok, her entire feed makes me want to leave NYC, move to a small town, open a bookstore, and live out the rest of my days.

There is something very whimsical about her content, and she also vlogs, so you get to go on trips with her to the bookstore and out of the country lol.

Bookish Realm

I have been watching Ashley for quite some time and she’s always been so informative, from book recs to discussing hot topics within the literary community, she will keep you in the know. And it definitely helps that Sis is a whole librarian.

Sip then Read

These two sisters are funny and they bring their humor to all of their book discussions. They talk about the books they’ve read, host author interviews, do vlogs, and everything in between.

They read different genres, but if you’re looking for some dope Black Romance recommendations, these are your girls.


Now, this BookTube girlie is new to me, but I’ve watched a few of Lisa’s videos and I enjoy them. I love the predictions videos because it helps me gauge how you read and what I might like that you recommend.

She also reads different genres and I love that when following new BookTubers, because they usually put me on to good books in genres that I rarely read.

Written In Melanin

Now I don’t know if it’s because C.M. Lockhart is an author herself but her book reviews are chefs kiss.

She gives you the synopsis of the book and then goes into a full review without spoiling the book (insert praise break)And I love when she talks about the author’s writing, the actual writing style, and gives her opinion on how that helped the story overall.

And she gives writing tips, advice, and best practices that can help authors with their writing careers.

Mina Reads

I’ve also followed Mina Reads for a minute too, Sis has a good range when selecting books from different genres.

Her videos are engaging, and her reviews are cohesive and easy to follow. She also does vlogs where you follow her throughout her day and she does personalized book recommendations.

Jess Owens

Jess Owens is a booktuber that I’ve followed for a hot little minute, I initially began watching her Book CommuniTEA videos where she gave her take on popular stories happening in the literary community.

Her takes are unbiased and very informative, I appreciate her giving us the full story and then going into her personal opinions. You’d be surprised how many people just give you their opinions without giving you all the facts first when telling a story. She also does reading vlogs, reviews, community reads, and recommendations.

Okay, Sistah Girls, this list of BookTubers should be enough to get you started. If you’re already following BookTubers let me know in the comments section who you’re currently watching.



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