Black Romance Novels x Dating Apps & One-Night Stands

Sistah Girls, if you met a guy on a dating app or had a one-nightstand, could you have your fun and walk away forever? Or would it lead to something more?

Most of the how we met stories don’t begin with dating apps and one-night stands but aren’t they the most interesting? Let’s visit some books and find out what happens when finding romance after swiping or having a night of passionate fun that’s only supposed to last one night.

Download These Dating Apps

BigDickEnergy.Com: Adventures In Online Dating by Genesis Woods

5 single sisters get together and talk about the men they met on a popular dating app and the hookups they experienced.  Was it just sex or was love found in the end? 

Note: This book is part of a series.

Plus One: An Equilibrium Short by Christina C. Jones

Sometimes dating apps aren’t for everyone, but what happens when the guy you swiped left on shows up for your friendsgiving dinner? This is a short and sexy read. 

Summer in the Sunset (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 2) by  M.T. Dixon

Two people who don’t date hooked up on a friend’s dating app–and they were sent on a baecation. Both of them are dealing with past hurts, they formed a bond, enjoyed each other, until it got to be too much and they left. Now the question that needs answers: will they fight for each other or will the sunset on their love?

Mr. Intentional by Grey Huffington

Separation, divorce, and a dating app–in that order! Desperate to win back the love that Quintin lost between him and his wife Bianca, he uses the dating app and takes them on an adventure they were not prepared for. When reality is clear, will their love blossom or wither away?

If You’re Looking For A One Night Stand 

Persistent Heart: (Novella) by K.C. Mills

Being stranded in an airport is one thing, but when a fine man, who is a stranger, offers you a proposition, do you take it? Can a night of intense passion lead to a lifetime of love or will it all go down in smoke?

ATE: an erotic novelette by Rilzy Adams

Tempest Clarke is celebrating signing the biggest contract of her career and books a private dinner with her best friend. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine having chemistry with the chef. Can one night of pleasure put out those flames or will it burn for eternity?

Deep In My Soul (Soulmates Book 2) by Aja

Soulmates are not one-night stands–or are they? One night of sex with a man you feel in your soul is a love that we all strive to have. Can this one night of sex turn into a lifetime with your soulmate or will the soul ties break?

Dominic’s Mysterious Bridesmaid: Seven Giants Series: Book One by Mzsassytheauthor

A night of passion at a friend’s wedding is only supposed to be that, one night. What happens when your new boss is your one-night stand and you have to tell him you’re pregnant? Does one night of passion turn into love and marriage or just co-parenting?



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