F-Boys that we love to hate

Sistah Girls, there are book baes, the men we love, adore, and root for while reading. And then there are the other ones–you know the ones. The men who just refuse not to stop being f-boys and straight-up assholes. It’s like they went to F-Boy University and graduated with honors. 

But let me digress, you get the point. Now, before you start twisting your neck, the books Do Not slight any author in a disparaging manner in any form. The addition to this list means the author made me mad as hell with their character’s antics; it means the author told a good story. 

Oh, What A Night: An unlikely love story novella by Nika P. 

The story features a whole Black man who only dated white women; yes, that’s what I said! The way Lennox spoke about sisters made me cringe. He stayed on my list until he met Ari, a beautiful sister with a vibrant vibe. Lennox is a piece of work at first and kept me fuming. It’s a novella that kept me on a roller-coaster ride worth taking.

Sweatpants Season by Danielle Allen 

This story features a group of men to add to the “men to hate” based on their principal beliefs. Now Carlos (the main character) wasn’t a total asshole BUT he was part of an asshole crew–The Lost Boys. So Carlos has to take the L because he is somewhat guilty by association. 

Allen made us hate those guys based on the foolishness they spouted over the airwaves. Female shaming was their go-to. The love story part and the delicious sweatpants were satisfyingly sexy good and made me happy.

In Name Only by Vivian Rose Lee

Let me warn you guys, this leading man will make you want to commit an act of violence because he was the rudest man I read about in a while.

Navy Commander Benjamin Smith ranks at the top of the list. Sadly, the Commander gets angry because he lusts after a naïve and sweet woman. You will shake your head in disgust. But in the end, the Commander comes to his senses about his wife.

When a Man Loves a Woman by Khara Campbell

This story had me screaming and I didn’t stop. This was a tale about one woman caught between two men with dissimilar ideas about true love and marriage. Zion’s name, in the end, fits the story- ‘Bliss.’

Love Always, Nova Black by A.C. Taylor

In this story, Nova’s slimy husband, mother, and her entire family made this list. Nova’s husband is center stage for being the worst husband ever; I mean dumpster diving trash, and her family for just being idiotic.

Anytime a story has this many characters to dislike, the author did a great job crafting a tangy tale. You will like the fact that Nova gets a second chance at love with Don.

Don was the right amount of savvy and sexy. Nova finally did the right thing.

No Feelings Allowed by K. Alex Walker


The story’s abundance of characters to make this list is astounding. Too many villains to name. OB Daniels is super successful but he’s a certified dog–but he’s only a dog because he has a big heart, so he goes all out to avoid being hurt. That is until Samantha enters the chat and that’s when things get interesting. 

But in this tale OB isn’t even the biggest ass–wait til you meet Jerrica…smh.  

Stolen by A Billionaire by Miss J.

Stolen by a Billionaire is part of a series, and both books have the same off-beat man I wanted to have a hitman visit. Duke got my ire in the first book along with his brother Ace.

In the second series, Ace kept the same energy as in the first book. What you will enjoy is the way Ace evolves into a more likable person with a heart. Each book was a worthy read.

Sistah Girls, I hope you find some books to enjoy and characters to gripe about with your friends. Until next time!



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