Sistah Girls, Beyonce’s new album Renaissance has been heating up the charts since its release back in July.

The album is filled with great songs, but the song I love the most is “Church Girl.” This song has been at the center of controversy with some pastors and gospel singers.

So this made me wonder if a song can cause so much controversy, what would Black romance novels featuring church girls do? 

Sis, these romance novels will have you clutching your imaginary pearls while screaming hallelujah! And like Beyonce said, “Good girls actin’ bad, church girls, don’t hurt nobody.”

Epiphany by Bailey West

She changed my life, She gave me hope, She saw me. If I get another chance, I’ll never let her go.

Israel Lewis was a divorced, scandal-ridden pastor who recently accepted the Senior Pastor position at a new church–giving him the fresh start he so desperately desired. The church was in a beautiful city and was the city where she lived–the one who got away.

Leona Aldaine was one of the top brokers in Sable Falls. After running into a childhood friend, she experienced a whirlwind love affair. He was everything she’d dreamt about in a man until he wasn’t. They are both in the same city.

Will they deny the connection or work to find their way back to each other?

Take me to Church: A Preto Village Novel by AshleyNicole


“I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your…thighs?”

Neriah grew up in the church under a philandering pastor. In search of a new place to worship, she stumbles upon Preto Baptist. It’s a cute little church with great energy and a beautiful man for a pastor who’s looking for a secretary. Neriah offers her assistance but keeps her eyes open in case Pastor Henry’s intentions are less than holy.

Dion’s life consists of faith, family, and dealing with the town’s foolishness. It’s been years since he’s looked at a woman, and unfortunately, he doesn’t see that changing…Until his new secretary invades his space and senses.

They ignore their attraction for as long as possible, but some matches are made in heaven, and you can do nothing to stop them. Can they avoid the obstacles in their path to make it to the altar, or will strong personal convictions halt their love before it ever gets started?

The Fold: Thou Shall Not Fear by Sabrina B. Scales

Even the saved struggle when navigating their way through love. This much could definitely be said for the Fold Family’s oldest child, Angela.

Perfection was the main objective when it came to Angela. She was stubborn, strong-willed, and completely incapable of relinquishing control, at times risking her own happiness to preserve the image of what others thought she should be.

But just like glass, perfect images crack. And what’s left can either be cleaned up or left for somebody to step in. Angela must take it upon herself to figure out which way to go after leaving a toxic marriage. And she may or may not find refuge in an equally stubborn alpha male by the name of Damien Christopher Briscoe.

Take this journey of acceptance, sacrifice, and necessary surrender. 

Not Good Enough For You by Renee A. Moses

Lyric Phillips is ready for love. For the first time ever, she believes that something worth having may exist for her. She always did what made her feel good with no cares for anything else until it caught up and bit her.

She ultimately changed her mindset, vowed celibacy, and tossed her bad habits. When the new Lyric falls in love again, her past trickles in with an agenda.

Elijah Grant is a youth pastor for his father’s church. He loves working with the kids but being their pastor was not his calling. After mishaps from his past, he fell in line to get back into his father’s good graces. Now, he’s ready to step down and move on. Breaking the news to his family may mean more trouble than it’s worth.

Angel: A Sinner for His Love by Unique

Raised to never disrespect her parents and complete her duties as a preacher’s kid, Angel has the weight of the world on her shoulders as she fights hard to make sure her parents are honored in every decision she makes. But when she meets Kacen, things change.

Completely opposite of her wholesome upbringing, Kacen lost his only parent at a very young age and doesn’t know what it’s like to have to live to please someone.

In an effort to show Angel the woman she could be, Kacen fights hard to help her gain some independence away from her religious parents. But when their relationship gets exposed in the most invasive way, will they be able to bounce back?

Love’s Battleground by B. Love


Amalia is the youngest child of Bishop and First Lady Franklin, founders of Mustard Seed COGIC. She’s the child her parents believe they got it right with. The one that’s a twenty-nine-year-old virgin, ready for the husband of their choosing.

Their choice? Musician and Director, Montrell Jameson.

They say Satan was high ranked and offering musical praise to God in heaven… maybe that’s why Montrell struggles so much with sin. Though a few red flags are given regarding his loyalty and faithfulness, Amalia trusts her parent’s guidance and agrees to marry him – until a second suitor comes along. Read the full synopsis HERE

In Covenant with Ezra by Love Belvin

He’s an Oxonian, licensed therapist, and man of faith, preparing to take over the largest Pentecostal church in New York.

She’s an around-the-way girl from Harlem, struggling with three jobs and school to make ends meet for so many.

So, what could they possibly have in common? Find out how Ezra Carmichael and Lex Grier make a covenant, creating a sphere for both their worlds to harmonize.

Giving Dove Her Wings by Desiree Francis

Dove made a promise to her grandmother as a child, right before I’d called her home to glory. She’d promised to be there for her mother no matter what. But keeping that promise was killing her.

Life for her was never easy, but she never thought that it would be. She’d been made aware of their lack of money, love, and support from the moment that she was old enough to understand what those things were. But Temple Zion had always been there for her. I made sure of that.

The church Dove grew up in was her family. Her backbone. They were the only real family she ever felt she’d had. However, things seemed to be getting worse, not better. And at 23, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t even so much as keep a job.

Some Christian gossip and a simple introduction I’d orchestrated long ago, changed the rest of her life one day. Gave her something that she never knew she’d needed, as well as a group of people she never would’ve even known to ask or pray for.

There you have it Sistah Girls, some of our favorite church girls and the men who love them.



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