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Sistah Girls, if you enjoy reading romance, then you know there are subcategories within romance. 

And because of that, I chose a variety of books from multiple genres. I often mentioned my love of romantic suspense, so expect a few in that category. There is something for everyone: mysteries, romance, erotic, contemporary, sports-themed, and It’s all about love-love stories.

Defensive Stance: Las Vegas Ramblers by Kasha Thompson

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When I find a new author, I usually sample their catalog to see if the first book was a fluke.

Defensive Stance was the real deal and a good read. The writer’s style is easy to adapt, and I enjoyed the storytelling. The tale was about a second chance for an aging mid-30s athlete trying to regain his basketball skills and find his one. Yes, he accomplished both.

The sidebar in the story- both characters met in anger management classes. And Sloane’s family history of thievery had me hollowing most of the story. Add her sharp tongue and personality, and you will need comic relief.

Unforgettable Time: (Unforgettable Series) by Tiye Love


Tiye can do no wrong when she tells a family drama story.

You met the LaSalles and the Toussaints in previous books in the series. But you will be in book bae heaven when you meet retired NFL star, Nasir St. Cyr. His name alone had me wanting to climb into the books and visit him for a while.

This story is about his challenge to be the new Mayor of his hometown in New Orleans. But his former friends stand in his path to achieving his goals. The political drama also had a sexy undertone you will enjoy with each interaction between St. Cyr and Regina Hargrove, the woman he vowed would be his first lady.

Any and Everything For Love by Monica Walters


First, Monica Walters has an extensive catalog, so you need to get into it. And it took a minute to choose just one I have not mentioned. The lone choice fits the love story criteria with a sexy vibe and hearty romance. The title should be a suggested topic for the story.

Walters knows how to tell a drama-ridden story without alienating the reader. Keonshay and Kace will give you a run for your money with this highly emotional love story.

Ivy’s League by Nia Forrester

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Ivy Livingstone is my person. In Nia Forrester’s long list of books, this story will resonate with you every time you read Ivy’s story, I promise.

Ivy is a member of Washington’s elite political forces but constantly second-guesses her power. She reminds me of a young Stacey Abrams. Ivy hired Eli Thomason to do a project with their different lifestyles apparent, as he is from another socio-economic class.

Forrester showed readers a stubborn, prideful man willing to do what he needed for his son. And we also meet a kind-hearted Ivy, ready to help the man whom she cared about his plight. Forrester told his story without shaming Eli in the process—the tale’s abundance of hidden messages added to this story’s imaginative byline.

Hey, Lover: A Second Chance Romance by DL White

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Hey, Lover is a second-chance love story about a tech genius and a businesswoman who refuses to let him give up his plan to rule the world. (Just kidding). The couple was supposed to be together until a conflict sent them in divergent directions. Fate will bring them back together, and you got it; drama comes along to block their inevitable second chance at love.

This contemporary love story reminds readers to never give up on your person. (Your soulmate).

Brand Brothers (series) by Maureen Smith

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This three-book series follows the Brand Brothers as they solidify their relationship with the ladies of their dreams. Each story is a steamy, steamy romantic story. Whatever You Like features Lena and Roderick Brand- and whew! Their story was extra steamy. Roderick hired Lena as his date, and the heat was on for this pair from the first encounter.

Any Way You Want It is Remy and Zandra’s adventurous edition, with this independent woman determined to remain self-sufficient. Remy wanted her to be whatever she liked. And Any Way You Want It was Morgan and River Brands’ story. And Sistah Girls, their story is erotic and they are definitely a self-made power couple. 

Deadly Pursuit by Ann Christopher

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Deadly Pursuit is one of my favorite suspense and police dramas, and this one I like to read at least once every year. In this story, DEA agent Jackson Parker is hot on the heels of a drug kingpin who beat a criminal case.

Then after the verdict, Kareem chose Jackson as his target for vengeance and his wrath because the DEA agent wanted to rid the city of scumbags like Kadeem. The chase will cover many miles and damsel in distress in the story.

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