Sistah Girls, have you ever come across a new author who writes in a way that requires you to binge their catalog? 

That was me when I first read That’s The Way Love Goes by Unique. I first discovered her in 2022 and her catalog offers an array of goodies that has not disappointed. When I find myself in a reading slump, I know I can rely on her books to get me right. 

In this edition of After That, Read This, I’ll be sharing why author Unique should be added to your never-ending favorite author list.

Possessive Intent: A North Brooke Port Novel

PI Unique

Bellamy and Ezekiel met by chance, but fate brings them back into each other’s lives when his new business venture lands him in the heart of North Brooke Port.

The moment Bellamy lets her guard down, she learns things about Ezekiel that have her running for the hills. Will Ezekiel risk the chance of letting her get away, or will he step up and be the man his mother made him promise to be?

Zeke! That’s it, that’s the post (lol)!

If you’re a girlie who loves a bad boy with boss swag–this is a must-read. Bellamy will try your last nerve but don’t give up. This was a beautifully written story that will have you in your feelings.

One Good Reason

OGR Unique

Dutch’s heart lies in his bank account and Talitha’s is dedicated to the one person who rescued her from a world of pain.

They both have their battles, but all they need is one good reason to trust each other. However, trust is like walking on thin ice in the winter; once broken, you can’t repair the cracks.

From the moment I started reading this story my feelings were deeply involved… if you’re a crier, you gon’ cry. And every time Lawton was on the page, he gave BDE… you will appreciate every moment.

Hurt Me So Good

HMSG Unique

With no time for a relationship, Nomiko agrees to be friends with the handsome Wolfe but after a while, she finds herself caught up in his sauce demeanor.

When trouble comes knocking on the door of the budding young couple, will Nomiko find her life caught up in flames, just trying to chase a spark?

The messages in this book were too good to pass up. Therapy was a great tool in this book, and author Unique executed their growth well. Although an emotional read, this was probably my second favorite book written by her. 

Luvin’ An Atlanta Boss (The Stockley Family Book 8)

LaAB Unique1

After being convinced to relocate to Atlanta with her child’s father, Nitoya finds herself in nothing but mess and betrayal.

To make matters worse, she rear-ends someone one rainy night and goes into preterm labor. But that night will change her life in more ways than one, and Nitoya will never be the same.

Antron, known as Boss around the way, has already been divorced once and isn’t looking for anything except the next money move. But he never expects to be crashed into by a beautiful bombshell in such a vulnerable state.

Once he steps in to help her adjust to the new responsibility, the impossible becomes inevitable and he finds himself falling for Nitoya more and more everyday. When an old flame comes back around in hopes of regaining what he feels is his, Boss’s feelings can no longer be denied. But when it comes to what’s his, will he be able to keep himself in control or is the storm that’s brewing too much for either of them to handle?

Listen, although this is book eight of a fourteen-book series. Antron ‘Boss’ was my favorite. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve reread this book because of him. From the moment Nitoya enters his life it’s up and stuck for Antron.

Hood Love Don’t Play Fair

HLDPF Unique

Spoiled, entitled and beautiful are just a few ways to describe Lourdes. She has the world wrapped around her finger, especially her high school sweetheart Horatio affectionally known as Heavy. He would give her the world if she asked him for it but all she wanted was time, love and loyalty.

Heavy had a plan, to go to a D1 school for basketball. When Lourdes comes into his life, she gives him more of a reason to reach his goals. Just when things seem to be going right, skeletons come tumbling out of everyone’s closet putting Heavy in a situation that may cost him his basketball career.

Fast forward and everyone’s life has gone in a different direction until divine intervention pulls them back together only for more secrets and drama to rise. Heavy and Lourdes must decide if their love is worth fighting for. Follow them on their journey to prove just why Hood Love Don’t Play Fair.

 This was a read that gave me all the feels. The love jumped off the pages and kept me glued to my Kindle. Lourdes and Heavy were younger than I was used to from author Unique, but we got to see them grow and I enjoyed the journey.

Luvin’ an Atlanta Bully (The Stockley Family Book 3)

LAAB Unique

Priest and Mielle have been kicking it for years, and the whole casual thing worked for Mielle… at first. But she caught feelings and instead of confessing them, she kept them hidden.

However, anyone with eyes can see how Mielle feels for Priest. When she puts her job on the line for him and is delivered a slap in the face by Lira’s reappearance, Mielle instead decides to take a step back because a man will act right for the woman he wants.

But is the woman he wants, her?

Priest was a fool and a half, and I loved every bit of it. Mielle and Priest were a match made in heaven. Even through their drama, I knew they loved each other badly. There were times that my jaw was on the floor… but it just made for great reading.

Hendrix’s Promise

HP Unique

Promise and Hendrix, your favorite WinterCrest couple, are back. Though there’s a possibility of them being better than ever, they now have more to lose than they have ever had before.

The question is, will the outcome be like everyone is expecting? Or will the young couple show everyone what it’s like to root against the underdogs?

Promise is now in the process of uprooting her life in a more dramatic way than anything she could have ever imagined. Leaving her “safe zone” to start over and be with Hendrix, Promise refuses to listen to the doubts of the people around her, despite the fact that a lot of it could be rooted in truth.

Hendrix, on the other hand, is trying his best to show Promise that she will not regret her decision to be with him. What he didn’t bank on was all the other aspects of his life getting chaotic around the same time, causing him to lose focus on what he has at home. When it gets too hot in his kitchen, Hendrix may discover Promise isn’t cut out for the heat like he thought she was.

This new release is next up on my list and I can’t wait to dive in because I loved the two of them in A Winter Crest Wonderland.

I hope you find your next favorite read from this list!

Happy reading, and don’t forget to leave a review!

– Reading w/Erika B.



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