Classic Black Romance Novels

Sistah Girls, Black Romance is everything. A vintage love story is like heaven on earth. We are taking it back, so, for this list, I have throwback Black love stories you might remember; if not, enjoy these old-school treats.

Brenda Jackson’s Tonight and Forever (Madaris Family Saga Book 1) 

Tonight and Forever (Madaris Family Saga Book 1)

Brenda Jackson– is the Queen Bee of romance writers. She likes to tell the ultimate love story and she always delivers. Jackson started her career with the Madaris tales. The goodness began in 1995 with this fantastic story, and later she reissued the same book in 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B075QZL8K3

The story is the start of the saga for the magnificent Madaris.’ Firstly, the leading man Justin Madaris displayed the perfect amount of sexy and swagger in this desirable storyline. Next, Loren Jacobs had the right amount of sassy and sensitive energy for his wants and desires in their relationship towards a deeper friendship.

Brenda Jackson’s The Midnight Hour: A Madaris Novel 

Brenda Jackson's The Midnight Hour: A Madaris Novel 

This story was released in April 2004; I anticipated this release for months. The story about CIA agent Drake Warren and Agent Victoria Green was super sexy. Ladies, Drake sounds extra sexy, and his level of swag measured to the highest power. The story was fabulous.

Until There Was You: A Grayson Novel (Grayson Novels Book 1) by Francis Ray

Until There Was You: A Grayson Novel (Grayson Novels Book 1) by Francis Ray

The series, yet another excellent throwback novel with beautiful Black love as the focus. Ex-FBI agent Luke Grayson and Dr. Catherine Stewart made this tale epic. The steam factor registered extra hot for 2008; this book took place when the author’s works started to sizzle.

Reckless Seduction by Gwynne Forster 

Reckless Seduction by Gwynne Forster 

Gwynne Forster– another prolific Kimani Romance author, died in 2015.

Reckless Seduction was one of her books I read more than once. The tale’s international theme with media mogul Jon Ecklund excitedly pursued Haley Felton, who worked for the United Nations. The Sweetness Factor was a small part of the story’s emotional ride of Seduction and intrigue.

Temptation Series by Phyllis Bourne

Taste for Temptation Temptation Series by Phyllis Bourne

This series was first published in 2012 and 2013. Each story in the series was extraordinary romantic escapades worth every page turned. Bourne’s penchant for fun connections was ever-present in each storytelling.

The Surgeon’s Secret Baby (Hopewell General book 2) by Ann Christopher

The Surgeon's Secret Baby (Hopewell General book 2)

The second book in the series was an excellent addition. Ladies, the surgeons had a great bedside manner; you will enjoy visiting Hopewell General Hospital for each story. In this edition, Lia Taylor needed Dr. Thomas Bradshaw to heal her son’s illness and allow the doctor to capture her heart.

Romancing the M.D. (Hopewell General Book 3) by Maureen Smith

Romancing the M.D. (Hopewell General Book 3)

Ladies, Maureen Smith always delivers a super sexy tale. In this medical edition, sexy doctor Victor Aguilar and his quest for his colleague Tamara St. John. There are some steamy scenes you will not want to miss. And Ms. Smith’s love scenes sizzle.

Case of Desire (Hopewell General Book 4) by Jacquelin Thomas

Case of Desire (Hopewell General Book 4)

Case of Desire is the fourth book in the Hopewell series. Each book is about a steamy romance with a medical component attached. Case of Desire brought the same level of heat as the previous three. In this edition, the hospital needed attorney Maxwell Wade to help the hospital win a lawsuit plaguing the hospital. The lawyer had to convince the PR manager he was the man for the job and the man of her desires.

She’s The One by Sandra Kitt

She's The One by Sandra Kitt

Sandra Kitt wrote memorable characters, she poured every detail about the characters in particular; the places, people, and even their manner of speaking were clear visuals.

However, the story about Deanna Lindsay, a manager for a TV station, and New York Fire Fighter Patterson Temple, the tale was too incredible. The two butt heads, they lock horns and snarled at one another regularly. Until…the attraction becomes a distraction, and we see their love story unfold.

Intimate Betrayal (Arabesque) by Donna Hill 

Intimate Betrayal (Arabesque) by Donna Hill 

Donna Hill is one of the original authors introducing the African American community to Black Love with her first novel in 1990. Intimate Betrayal (Arabesque) was published in 2011 to rave reviews.

The story about lovers pulled together with a similar situation from their past as their initial attraction. Reese Delaware, an investigative reporter, was hired by her company to find clues involving the elusive millionaire computer wizard Maxwell Knight. A steamy romance was not a situation they planned or expected. 

Sistah Girls, this classic romance listicle is for those seeking some good old-timey love stories… Happy Reading You All!

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