When I found Reyna Biddy she was sitting on the interlude of Kehlani’s latest album SweetSexySavageI wondered who the powerful yet soothing voice belonged to. Biddy’s words glided into my ears and I found myself closing my eyes relating to her words so much that it scared me. Her voice held the wisdom of a woman who had been through some things but she wasn’t broken she was healing.

Biddy shares her poetry on her Soundcloud page where she is often accompanied by pianist Mesego. Her words are raw and her transparent voice takes a hold of you and you can’t decipher who’s speaking, you–or her. Wrapped in pain and affirmations Biddy gives women a voice, she shares her wounds so that other women may find healing.

We lean on her words while we dry our eyes, we calmly take in her lessons eager to heal our broken hearts. She released “Message to Women” and held out her hands and grabbed us while holding up a mirror for those who needed to see the truth and not be afraid. It’s her strength during, after, and even before the heartbreak that allows listeners to find their truth and stand firm in it. It’s her knowingness and willingness to uplift other women that makes the truth easy to hear.

Biddy released her book of poetry, “I Love My Love,” and it’s filled with her strong yet vulnerable words.

Check out my favorite spoken word poems by Reyna Biddy below.

“A Message To Women” ft. Masego

“Bones” ft. Masego



Bonus: Listen to Kehlani’s album SweetSexyRevenge below.



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