Items You Have to Purchase In the Fall

Sistah Girls, Fall is all about change, it’s low-key the pre-game to New Year’s if you ask me. It’s the only season that has us going shopping for new looks from head to toe. It’s the season where you finally try that new hair color, pull out your cozy wear, and prepare for indoor activities (snuggling up with a good book).

We asked some of your favorite authors to share their Fall must-have items that helped them write the books we love. You can shop the list and purchase their books.

All of the authors were asked two questions: What is your favorite Fall must-have item when writing? And, how did it help you write one of your projects?

Chelsea Maria

A nice comfy hoodie, sweats, and socks. Then, I have to have the perfect coffee blend, (which means I have to have the perfect coffee cup). Something caramel or chocolate. I’ve tried plenty but Pinterest and a few of my sister authors have shared their tips recently and I am prepared!


Having all of my favorites helped me to write my most beautifully haunting (an alpha enigma man) romance to date, All I Ask of You.


K.L. Hall

A fall must-have for me is definitely a nice comfortable sweatshirt. As a writer, I’m a sucker for words anyway, so this “Creative Director” sweatshirt is my fav to help get me in the writing mood.


Fall is my favorite season because I love the coolness in the air and being able to bundle up and kickback. Having this sweatshirt is currently helping me write my latest standalone novel, To the Only Thug I’ll Ever Love.


Alexandra Warren

My Fall Must-Have item is a good desk lamp!


Once Summer is over and it begins to get dark outside earlier and earlier, having a good desk lamp allows me to continue writing into the evening like I did with Oops!


Rae Lyse

My favorite Fall must-have item when writing is a pop-it fidget toy. It’s not a traditionally “Fall-ish” item but it comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They even have pumpkin ones, lol.


I love it because it’s a GREAT stress reliever. My pop-it got the most use while I did edits for Bunny. I popped away while listening to my manuscript, doing re-reads, and proofreading.


Taisha Ryan

An essential oil diffuser is definitely a must-have for me. There is something so soothing about having my diffuser on while writing. The aroma of essential oils always puts me in the right headspace when creating. It relaxes me. And as a person who is very particular about my creative space, this is necessary. Of course, my go-to oils are lavender, peppermint, and red cherry. Once I have those, I’m good!


And as with my other books, a diffuser was definitely helpful for me while writing my latest book Damien. It provided me just the clarity I needed. Because during those stressful moments when I felt like ripping my hair out and erasing everything I wrote, just sitting still with my diffuser on, put me in a state of calm. So yes, a must-have!


Brookelyn Mosley

My favorite Fall must-have item is my adjustable phone stand, in rose gold, of course, because I have to have everything in gold! I love this item for two reasons. For one, regardless of how much research I do, I always get stuck when writing something that requires details and this stand holds my phone in a position I can control and comfortably work with.


I used the stand while writing My First, My Last, a story that included track and field terms I needed to reacquaint myself with. So whenever I needed to quickly access my notes without breaking concentration and leaving the full-screen mode of my Scrivener, I would tap in and out of my notes app to gather the necessary info to keep pace and focus while in the zone writing each chapter.

The stand kept my phone by my laptop and at eye level making all that easier. Also, to get my words in to meet my deadline, I used the stand to use my Pomodoro app so I could write in 25-minute sprints while taking 5 and sometimes 15-minute breaks.


Love Belvin

Woody and earthy scented candles. Robust fruits like cranberry warms me into writing, too.


It helped transport me to where my clients, Ezra and Lex, needed to be to record their journey in In Covenant with Ezra.


D. Rose

A Milk & Honey and Chesapeake Bay candles are definitely Fall must-have items. When writing, I burn a candle or use wax melts.


The smell of my writing space helps with the process. I love how cozy the Milk & Honey scent makes me feel, it was especially helpful while writing my Christmas novel, My One Christmas Wish.


Nicole Falls

A rose gold butane lighter. So an essential part of my writing process is lighting candles with scents that set the mood and…I *love* fire in general, so this lighter that I was gifted by a reader comes in handy in a couple of ways.


It keeps my candles lit and burning evenly. And when I run into a block in the midst of writing, the click and woosh of the butane creating the flame is a soothing sound that I’ll continually make happen over and over so I can hone in on where I’m trying to go in the story next. Weird I know, but I never claimed to be normal LMFAO!


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