If You’re Willing by Ivy Symone

First thing first, what Ivy Symone has done with her last two books raised the bar for me. I now find myself looking for bold creativity just as much as I’m looking for well designed plot lines, when searching for my next read. She constructed this story very well. Had my butt playing the guessing game going back and forth “no it’s this one.. No it’s that one… No wait, it’s gotta be this one…’ I mean THE WHOLE TIME I was going back and forth trying to figure this thing out.

If you’re a Symone fan then you’ve most likely read her Crush series which is where you meet Cassie and Rock. When this book starts readers learn that things seemed to have fizzled between these two. Rock is tired of dealing with Cassie’s aggressive moody behavior; and Cassie is done with Rock and his whorish ways. However relationship woes are only the beginning of her troubles…

Soon a mystery man enters Cassie’s life and slowly flips it right side up.*wink wink* if you know what I mean.*GRINS* Mind you, this is simultaneous to a night of debauchery at an exclusive sex club which leaves her partly shocked at her own… um… sexual activities. *raises eyebrows*

“When it comes to you, I don’t think of the past, I’m not afraid of the future… I just want the right now.”  –Mystery Man

My thoughts What I did not like was the resurgence of Sean’s character. Like….WHY. Although he most definitely added to the allure in pieces of the plot. I gotta be honest every time he came around my face scrunched up in disgust. LOL!

What I loved was just about every scene with Eli or Jah because they had me in hysterics..my goodness they so damn funny.

The writing I really enjoyed it! The writing was witty, the author has great comedic timing. But also I should add that the writing was very clever. I truly dug how Symone spun that web of sex, lies, deceit and surprises. Well done indeed!

OH and that moment you figure out who the mystery man is… G A S P S… I swear it will make you read the book all over. LOL!

To buy OR not to buy? Buy! It’s worth every cent!

Series: This was a spin off from Symone’s Crush series. I suggest reading it first because it’s really good and entertaining!

Recommendation: Definitely! If you love Urban Fiction Romance this is for you!

Plot/Storyline: Well planned. Good execution. Had my mind going topsy turvy.

Writing: Very clever, engaging and hilarious.

Steam Factor: High, on a scale from 1-10 I say 9. It was on and POPPIN!

Now go forth and read, then come tell us what you thought about it! If only just a few words, remember that reviews are important to authors.

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