New Black Indie Authors

Sistah Girls, I’m back and this time I bought along some new Black indie authors that you should already know about. Now, I have my go-to authors (like everyone else) that I always read, but I sure love me some new authors.

There is something about reading new characters from a new pen that just excites me…it’s like finding a hidden gem that everyone doesn’t know about. But because I love to share I have to let y’all in on the authors who have been keeping me up at night.

So without further ado…

Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown was born and raised in South Carolina. She is an author of contemporary/urban romance. She strives to create stories that you can visualize on each page.

Currently working on her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, Brown loves to incorporate mental health into her writing. In 2021, Kimberly Brown dropped her first book and has not stopped since.

Sistah Girls, the book I’d recommend you start with is Beyond Measures: An Urban Romance (Against All Odds Book 1). It was released in September 2021. Brown has a way of writing a story where strangers meet and fall in love with each other and somehow they manage to figure out the rest later.

Mental Health has played a role in all her stories, so sis knows how to pen healthy love stories. She writes about love that is so consuming you can’t help wanting to experience it for yourself.  


Shon has traveled the world for the last eight years using her English degree to teach and now she has returned to the states and settled in North Carolina where she began her writing career.

Shon is a veteran ghostwriter that turned into a published author. Shon loves reading and writing all things romance (telling black love stories is her jam).

Shon’s first book, Unconditional: A Love Story dropped in May 2022, followed by Untouchable in July of 2022. Shon recently released His Majesty: A King’s Town Novella (King’s Town Novella Series Book 1).

This book is a second-chance romance that showcases the lengths a man would go to in order to get his woman back. Josiah exuded BDE and Majesty couldn’t get enough. I’d recommend this book for new readers to get their feet wet with her work. 

Takeah Latimore

Takeah Latimore lives in Ohio, at a young age, she began penning poems and short stories. In recent years, she has rediscovered her love for storytelling by writing and interacting with readers on Wattpad.

In March of 2020, Latimore published her first book Shortie, and followed up with Don’t Ever Wander.

I was not ready to experience the love that was in this novella. I was pulled in by the storyline and Latimore’s writing style. Don’t Ever Wonder is the book I’d recommend to a new reader.

Sedona Rose

Sedona Rose is a southern girl from South Carolina who loves reading about Black love. Her goal as a writer is to give you realistic fiction.

In 2021 Rose released her first story. The One, she followed up with Sweet & Sour (Jones Hills Holiday Book 1) and Let Me Show You (Jones Hills Holiday Book 2). The Jones Hill Series was my first introduction to Rose’s work and I was in love with her characters.

She penned two characters who had a lot of problems, and doubts, but they eventually found love. If you are looking for a new author who will deliver characters you can relate to, give Sedona Rose a try. 

Miss Jenesequa

Hailing from East London, UK, Miss Jenesequa published her first novel in 2020. When writing, Miss Jenesequa says “it feels like home.” She has dropped many books since becoming an indie author, but the story that caught my attention was I Got You. It was released in July 2022.

Miss Jenesequa is known for writing powerful and convincing storylines. Her goal is to have each novel filled with love, drama, and passion…and this book had them all. 

Katrina Lewis

Katrina N. Lewis is an independent, fantasy romance author who loves all things swoon-worthy and badass. Growing up loving fairytales and the history of the world, Lewis has a knack for storytelling.

Trying a new genre, I picked up Heavy is the Head: Love & War which was released in May 2021. Now Fantasy is not a genre I would normally read but this story was everything.

It pulled me in with the characters, and the storyline was one that I had never experienced before. So if fantasy is for you, this is a great read.

Dimonick Shaw

Dimonick Shaw is a new author, so new her first book doesn’t drop until August 22, 2022. Shaw is a book blogger turned author.

Her new book Three a.m is about two people who shared a love that spans over 600 years, but during one of their reincarnated times, one of them forgets the other.

I’m so excited for this release and what will happen with this couple. Join me as I check out this new author and support her on her first release.

Sistah Girls, are there new indie authors that you’re reading that we didn’t mention? Let us know down below.



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