Sistah Girls, February was Lit! I lucked up with some good reading prospects and was not met with the pain of a DNF or even worse disappointment for any of my highly anticipated releases. 

The End Game

5 HUGE GOLDEN STARS for The End Game (The Sun book 2) by Rae Lyse
This Sistah Girl’s is my FAVE Read of the Month! It was also one of my Highly Anticipated Releases. In The End Game readers meet Jade Taylor.

Jade is in her senior year of college working as a teacher’s assistant when she encounters the school’s starring quarterback. Bad boy Josiah Joseph, he seems to be everything the people around campus says he is.

My Thoughts
WOW! WOW! WOW! Josiah was a deeply tortured character, dauntingly haunted by his past and the lives of his closest family and friends that are back home. Rae Lyse is a powerhouse.

I mean, for this to only be book 2 for her, it’s almost unbelievable. ALMOST. Her storytelling ability, and intensely captivating characters made this book UNPUTDOWNABLE. If you enjoy reading romance and have not started this series what the heck are you waiting for?!

From the hood with love4 STARS for From The Hood With Love by BriAnn Danae
A young and very much innocent Loriana Simms is minding her business working (as a tutor) when she gets curious about a guy she knows it’s best to stay as far as possible away from.

Bryshon, who goes by the street name of Projex is a hustler by nature. One that knows he should keep it platonic between him and the sweet and innocent Loriana.

And he tries, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Projex wants Loriana. Tragically, nothing prepares them for the whirlwind that comes in and rips the carpet from under both of their feet.

My Thoughts
First of all, how have I NOT read this author sooner!? Second, I really really enjoyed this book.

There is a beauty and naturalness with young love that I just absolutely adore. The flow of young loves sincerity just hits different. I like how Danae made it a point to not make Loriana weak or ignorant.

When She peeped things she tucked the info for future reference. Projex on the other hand was nothing like I expected him to be and that was a nice reprieve. I was thinking, ok he’s just your average street guy falling for the girl he shouldn’t but NOPE…He was more. However, life can change and shape people into someone else. With an ending like that I can’t wait to see the conclusion for how major life changes will impact these two.

Resentment4 Emotionally Charged STARS for Resentment by Nicole Jackson
This was another Highly Anticipated Release after getting the sample I was anxious to get my hands on this book!.

Holy Smokes was this a crazy ride. In Resentment, readers meet Dion (street name Snow) and Chyna who have been together since high school. At 29, Chyna has helped Snow build his empire both legally and illegally. In doing so both Snow and Chyna’s family have benefited off the wealth they’ve built. Sadly, Snow’s cheating leads them down a path neither saw coming.

My Thoughts
Every feeling you can imagine arises between the two lead characters as their relationship faces the most brutal ups and downs after betrayal unlocks their resentment.

Jackson does a great job at exploring the feelings a man, a woman and even the children feel when their world is turned upside down. No stone is left unturned as they’re each put in positions they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. In fact, the title Resentment fits perfectly as it is the main emotion driving these characters. Brace yourself. This book is an emotional rollercoaster.


3 STARS for Bambi by Ladii Nesha (New to me author ALERT!)
Bambi recently came out of a relationship when she encounters King Carter. A pimp. Well, maybe not a pimp, but he and his brother Tristen Carter were raised by one and their lifestyle moves accordingly.

King sets his sights on Bambi, it’s only after initially rejecting him that she eventually gives in to him. Because absolutely NOTHING is average about King’s life, he and Bambi have a hard time navigating their feelings toward one another.

Knowing this decision is bound to blow up in her face Bambi proceeds to go on full steam ahead UNTIL the inevitable happens. Meanwhile, an enemy is lurking and waiting to strike at just the right moment against the Carter brothers. Because messing with one brother is like coming for both.

My Thoughts
I enjoyed reading Bambi. The writing was cool but it was the humor for me. The author had great comedic timing and it moved the story along even with all the drama that ensued while being raised by a pimp. Overall, I can see myself reading more from this author in the future.

She Use to be the sweetest Girl3 STARS for She Use To Be The Sweetest Girl by BriAnn Danae
Looooved me some Brix and Young Mel! In She Used To Be The Sweetest Gir,l Brix McQueen is a young and talented baker that crosses paths with Shemel Wright aka Young Mel; an up and coming rapper whose star is steadily rising due to his raw street lyrics.

Lyrics that point towards a lifestyle he and his family live out on a daily basis. The sparks are immediate between the two yet Brix is hesitant to give him a chance when he first shoots his shot. In due time a romance begins to bud, subsequently Young Mel’s lifestyle proves to be a stumbling block. Realizing he must make some major changes or risk losing it all to the streets.

My Thoughts
After reading this author’s most recent release (which is mentioned above) I decided to check out some more of her work. BriAnn Danae did not disappoint. She does a good job endearing her characters to the readers. Brix’s sweet girl next door personality paired with Young Mel’s street running rapper lifestyle was a nice mix. Honestly, I’ve already lined up my next read by this author.

Until the end of time4 STARS for Until The End of Time (V-Day Novella Juri & Benji) by Cion Lee
Readers first meet Juri and Benji in their book which is part of Cion Lee’s That’s All Me Series. I suggest reading that before even looking at this. Until the End of Time is an update on Juri and Benji. Readers get a look in at how these two have been maintaining thus far and because it’s a V-Day Novella it has plenty of sweet and lovable moments.

My Thoughts
It’s always a good time when you get to reunite even if only briefly with some of your favorite characters. Cion Lee did a great job showcasing the love shared between these two lovebirds. I also enjoy how her book world is connected so other characters are always bound to make an appearance.




How to get a baller in 90 days4 STARS for How To Get A Baller in 90 Days by Danesha Little
Candace Wright is a journalist with a desire for a more prominent writing position at her job with The Nashville Daily Paper.

It is while expressing this to her girlfriends that she comes up with an idea to go undercover to hook herself a baller. Hence the catchy title, How to Get a Baller in 90 Days. An NFL football player to be exact; Maverick Frost has recently been gaining attention for his influence off the field. Those 90 days prove to be challenging to Candace. Challenging since she falls head over heels for her baller, Maverick.

My Thoughts
The writing was good and the story flowed well. Little wove in the real-life issues we’re currently facing, such as covid-19, racism, and injustice.

Little lighten that mood with her female lead who was a bit clumsy and her friends that proved to be her ultimate cheerleaders. Great job Danesha Little!


For The Curious: Now I don’t know how others base their ratings but the following is how I base mine and why. The writing style of an author holds major weight for me.Even though I have a few preferences I’ve decided to go by a template with regards to how I judge a book to avoid being biased. How appealing are its characters, how well do they develop, plot developments, how descriptive is the writing or lack thereof.

Then I follow it by looking at the author’s ability to properly foreshadow future events, resolutions to major and minor events, and how well the author carries multiple themes and/or plotlines through the book. Basically, the story’s overall structure which should be important to any writer. Because of all of this, I am extremely stingy with giving out Stars.



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