10 “Highlights” from Some of Our Favorite Authors

Sistah Girls, what do you highlight when reading? Since my power was out (for 3 whole days😤), I decided to look back through some of the books I have enjoyed.

I thought it’d be fun to feature some memorable lines from a few of our favorite authors!  So here are 10 highlights that will make you snicker, swoon, and swerve. Enjoy!


“Whoa was ready to meet her at the altar in her white dress like Jagged Edge and she said nah, we still young.”Whoa by Alexandra Warren

“So, you’ll accept my needs in the marriage bed without complaint?” “As long as you extend me the same courtesy.”  “Good women don’t have needs.”  She scoffed, “And you call yourself a doctor…” Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

“As Ryshon and Little X moved to leave, Lex continued picking at the cake when she casually asked, “Oh, so you the one that couldn’t make her come with your mouth?” End Zone Love by Love Belvin


“I don’t just want you when you’re strong. I want you when you’re vulnerable when you’re lost when you’re not sure. I see the armor you have to put on to make it in your world. I just want you to know here, with me, you can take the armor off.”Queen Move by Kennedy Ryan

“I would walk through the fires of hell to have your legs wrapped around me for one hour. Climb Mount Everest without a rope to have one taste of the juice that flows between those thighs. Give my life over to Christ to have you in my life for eternity.” Fatal Mistake by Iris Bolling

“You. Are. Beautiful. You are my world and my afterlife, the food of my soul, my thirst-quencher. You are my beginning, my end, and everything in between.  My Oshun, my sangoma, my balm, my pain relief. You’re my home, baby. My home.” Let Me Free You by Alexandria House


“In case you’re worried about anything, just keep in mind that size doesn’t matter because a woman’s body is built to adjust.” Finding Home Again by Brenda Jackson

“For the next hour, we had sex on the outdoor cot as many times as one condom could hold…”What’s Best for Me by Danesha Little

“I wanted to talk, but I’m not about to let all of this good moisture go to waste.” –My Soul’s Reflection by AshleyNicole

“Tamra…if you want me to f*ck you, just say so.” She smirked. “So.”The Rose that Got Away by Christina C. Jones

What say you, sis?  Add to one of the categories above and let’s keep the list going!

-Blissful Bookworm



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