23 Black Christmas Romance Novels

Hang on the Mistletoe, I’m going get to know you better- This Christmas! That is one of my favorite Christmas songs by Donnie Hathaway, and I bet you all hear me singing slightly off-key, but oh well. Sis, this time, you’ll get to choose several holiday novels to enjoy. Some are a few years old and several new ones to peruse.

We all need love at Christmas, and this book hits the right spot with Boyfriend for Christmas: A Love Story by J. Nichole.

Next, you should try Match-Made Christmas by Daria White; this story is an old friend to lovers’ story. She also released My What If Christmas Wish in 2018; the story is about getting a second chance for love.

Santa Baby! by Té Russ is a sexy holiday novella. Enough said. Go get your eggnog with a shot of Brandy and get your read on. Her newest book, Dancing Through the Snow, is another scorcher.

Unexpected: A Holiday Short by DL White, the story was as the title suggested, it’s an unexpected delight!

Christmas Kisses: A Holiday Romance Collection by Farah Rochon was a re-release of materials, and yes, it was worth the second reading or a third.

A Christmas Compilation: The One That I Want by Donna Hill, A Sexy Christmas Carol by Zuri Day and Christmas Surprise by Cheris Hodges was a story that was a great Christmas Surprise. Three excellent treats to enjoy!

One Christmas Song: A Temptation Novella by A.C. Arthur was a nice quick read.

Twelve Dates of Christmas by Rilzy Adams. In this story, the guy had to get his girl back in twelve dates before Christmas. A cute premise for a marvelous story.

Alexander House’s, All I Want was a short read, but it made up with great comedy and side-splitting antics.

Desdemona’s Closet: A Christmas Tale by Sabrina B. Scales was on fire goodness! It’s not your typical holiday story, but you will love it. I guarantee it!

Fan Favorite Beverly Jenkins, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, is a chance to love the second time around.

Loves Grinches by A. Jones, a short story about two strangers not so in love with Christmas cheer.

Winter Wonderland by Bria Felicien, this was a sassy short story, it is a worthy read.

Bria Felicien

A Touch of Sugar (Sweet Heat Book 3) by Christina C. Jones. The story was a chance to catch up with characters for the Sweet Series, this one will warm your heart.

Please Come Home for Christmas: An African-American Holiday Romance (The Roberts Family Series Book 1) by Kahillah Fox. The story is about a guy vying for the love he let getaway.

For Sistah Girls who love some Urban, check out  I Got a Houston Thug for Christmas by Candi B.

A Christmas with the Sears by Angelia Vernon Menchan introduced readers to a new clan to enjoy in her stable of vibrant characters. The author calls this light urban.

Taye’s Gift (Small-Town Christmas Wishes Series Book 6) by Pat Simmons, it’s an inspirational romance story for those seeking a spiritual read.

A Wicked Christmas: A Holiday by Sidni B. The story was an enemy to lovers’ story.

Hopefully, I gave everyone something to read for the holiday season. There were a few contemporary romances, an urban romance, some sexy novellas, a handful of novelettes, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Bountiful Cash App New Year!

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