cigarettes butts and cum stains is what you left.

there wasn’t a love note or a even a text.

just cigarette butts and cum stains.

not even a post-it note…even Carrie got a post-it note.

no after sex glow, no clenching my pillow sleeping with a smile on my face.

no, none of that.

just cigarette butts 

and cum stains.

i didn’t sleep in your t-shirt to inhale your scent while patiently awaiting your return.

no, none of that.

just memories of a night that lasted too long.

the shit. was good. yes.

but the aftermath i always forget.

the ghost that haunts me.

your scent is filled with dark clouds of resentment, too many tears

spilled, and not enough laughs.

i should be ashamed. maybe i’ll put on some sad music and cry it out…been there done that.

i’ll just take a shower, change the sheets, and wait. 

after all, we both smoke.






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