The History Of The Human Heart (Part One) by Bailey West


Summer after my sophomore year of college…

“This is the last bag,” Preme said as he placed the last trash bag filled with clothes on my new living room floor.

I’d decided to move into an apartment and stay at school for the summer instead of going back home. I enrolled in summer classes and told my parents that I was trying to get finished with school early, but I honestly stayed because I enjoyed my independence and going back home to curfews and rules was more than I was willing to bear.

“Thank you. I would’ve been moving out of the dorms for days if it weren’t for you.”

“It’s all good,” Preme responded.

We’d grown to be good friends, if not best friends for the past two years. We’d read countless books together and had heated debates about our opinions on Black culture.

He was still rapping about the streets, but he’d toned it down and started adding verses for ‘Men and women with understanding’.

“Are you sure you will be comfortable on this old couch? We could try to find an air mattress for you to sleep on.”

“I’ve slept on much worse. Besides it’s only until my place is ready.”

We both had decided to move off-campus, but his place wouldn’t be ready for a couple more weeks. I offered him my thrift store couch to sleep on until his place was ready. He agreed and we became pseudo roommates.

“So Claudia doesn’t have a problem with you living here?”

“Claudia isn’t paying my bills, so she doesn’t have a say in where I stay. Why you always so worried about what Claudia thinks?”

“Because she’s your girlfriend.”


“She’s already accused me of trying to be your girlfriend so I’m just trying to stay clear of your lil’ relationship.”

I couldn’t stand Claudia and Claudia couldn’t stand me. We played nice because of Supreme but if I could disappear her ass, I would in a heartbeat. She accused me of trying to push up on Preme even though he and I were friends before she came into the picture. Her insecure ass tried more than once to come between Preme and my friendship. He finally told her that I was his friend and wasn’t going anywhere. She could either be okay with that or leave. Unfortunately, she stayed.

“I told her to kill all that noise. She knows the deal. Plus she won’t be back until the Fall semester starts,” Supreme explained.


The fall semester start came and went. Supreme and I decided to become roommates. He moved into my second bedroom and we split all the bills 50/50; saving both of us money.

His girlfriend wasn’t a fan of us becoming roommates, but Preme was a pro at ignoring her when she got on his nerves. We were great roommates; he had no problem cleaning up behind himself and keeping our shared spaces neat.

“I’m out,” Supreme said and snatched the front door open.

“Hi, uhhh…is Storm here?” I heard a voice say on the other side of the door.

I rushed to the door to invite my company in but Supreme was blocking the entrance.

“Who wants to know?” Supreme asked.

“Preme, move!” I chuckled.

He reluctantly stepped to the side allowing Lou to enter.

“Supreme this is Lou. Lou this is my roommate, Supreme.”

“What y’all about to do?” Supreme asked.

“This beautiful lady is helping me study for my African American History test,” Lou smiled and winked.

Lou and I were in the same African American History class. We sat next to each other on the first day of class. I raised my hand for every question the Professor asked about Medgar Evers and his assassination. Medgar Evers was one of my most favorite civil rights leaders. Lou commented on how much I knew about Black history and we started chatting after that. He received a C on his last exam and asked if I would help him study for the next exam. I invited him over to my place.

“We can get comfortable over here at the table,” I said to Lou.

Supreme followed us to the table.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” I asked.

“Not necessarily,” Supreme shrugged.

“Bye, Preme,” I said while pushing him towards the front door.

“You sure you want to stay here alone with that square ass nigga?” Supreme whispered.

“Bye Preme,” I whispered back.


“Hey, you sleep?” I heard Supreme say while tapping on my bedroom door.

“No,” I called out.

“Can I come in?”

I got up from my bed and opened the door.

“How long did your study buddy stay?” Supreme asked.

“Why do you care?” I asked.

“Why did you have him over here? What’s wrong with the library if all he wanted to do was study?” Supreme shot back.

I stepped back slightly confused by his tone.

“I can invite anyone over here to do whatever I want to do!” I shouted.

“Lower your damn voice…”

“Don’t talk to me like you’re my daddy!”

“Don’t be out here acting like a thirsty hoe!”

“Fuck you, Supreme!”

“I’m sure you’ve already been for the evening, Storm!”

“Get out of my room!” I yelled trying to fight back the tears that were burning the backs of my eyes.

He looked at me with fire in his eyes then turned and slammed my door behind him.

I stood staring at my door in disbelief. Supreme and I had disagreed on things, but I’d never seen him act like that.

Two-fifteen…I’d been lying in bed since twelve-thirty trying to figure out what that argument was between Supreme and me. So many scenarios ran through my mind but none of them made sense. Maybe he and Claudia had an argument and he decided to take it out on me? But he’d never done anything like that before. I didn’t know what to think.

“Storm…” I heard Supreme say through my door.

I’d thought about ignoring him, but I really did need to get to the bottom of the situation.

“What Supreme?”

“I’m sorry, can we talk?”

by Bailey West

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