Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers Book 1) by Rilzy Adams

Navaya and Xander are EVERYTHING!!!! I typically don’t like novellas because I feel like authors try to jam-pack a lot of things into a few pages and call it a novella, (that’s a story for another day). This one though was the BOMB.com. It’s what novellas should aspire to be–short and sweet.

I loved everything about the book. The chemistry and the sex scenes were HOTTT!!!! and out of this world. I won’t be talking about the key characters personally because there is no character development in this book – it’s not what this book is about.

Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers Book 1) by Rilzy Adams

It was all supposed to be so simple.

Navaya Howard is an erotic writer in a rut. Her readers are fed up of her stale plots and Navaya can’t blame them. She’s been celibate for over a year and a half since finding her now ex-boyfriend’s side chick’s positive pregnancy test on her bathroom counter. How can she write steamy romances if she can barely remember which body parts go into the other?

Navaya enlists the help of her best friend, Xander, to revive the inspiration that used to have her sitting comfortably at the top of her game. What happens when the sex hits deeper than either of them expected and the tender emotions can no longer be denied?

Navaya and Xander’s arrangement has gone far deeper than intended.
Will their friendship and their hearts survive the fall?



Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers Book 1) by Rilzy Adams

Yes, puhleeeasseee. I’m fanning myself thinking about it. it was fire hot.the sex scenes and the chemistry in this book were scorching hot. I’ll need some water to quench the fire that this book has kindled in me. One of my best scenes was when they both decided to kiss each other for the first time and she sent a video where she was playing with herself.

However, nothing tops the restaurant scene. It gave me major Fifty Shades of Grey vibes with the exhibitionism and daring. The chemistry and teasing were on point. I enjoyed seeing them together.

Navaya and Xander were each other’s priorities and it showed. What better way to start a relationship? This book, however, wouldn’t be complete if one of them didn’t try to sabotage the relationship by hanging on to the past.


I loveddd the glimpses of Cole I got to see. He seemed like a very solid and mature man. It also doesn’t hurt that his body is drool-worthy. He was such a delight to see as an assistant best friend.

I rarely see books with men having meaningful conversations and giving thoughtful advice. So, I appreciated seeing it in this story. Rilzy, dare I say it…I hope that Cole gets his book next.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, I would recommend it to everyone both novella and non-novella fans. This book is only suited for adults though (18+). If you liked my review and you want to get the book, you can find it, HERE.

Have you read the book? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.




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