Sistah Girls, I love Urban Romance, it’s one genre that embodies everything I desire from books these days–escapism being number one. The stories just suck me in, it could be the sheer fact that it’s not my reality that makes it so fascinating.

Here are some authors I’ve read and loved, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Last Stop from Innocence by Takerra Allen

I have a love-hate relationship with Takerra Allen’s books. Allen’s books marked my debut in Urban fiction, she’s an amazing author but her books are going to have you going through it–in a good way.

You’re going to go through every single emotion when reading her work, and you might not always walk away with a happy ending. However, if you dive in–you won’t regret it. The first series I read by Allen was Thicker Than Water Series and it will always be one of my top recommendations.

You also have to read her latest book Last Stop From Innocence–thank me later.

King & Queen of the Hood by Shvonne Latrice

I  recently discovered Shvonne Latrice and I have been so hooked– you might as well call me a fish. If you like your men cocky, smart, and fearless, then her heroes and books are for you.

These men in the stories look death in the face and laugh. Latrice’s novels are usually about best friends/brothers and their women. The stories also tend to have multiple POV’S which I quite like.

I would recommend the I’m in love with a Dope Boy series to get your feet wet and then keep reading until you get to her latest series, King & Queen of the Hood.

Stolen by A Billionaire by Miss J.

Miss J. is the pseudonym for Endiyah Carter in the urban romance genre. She’s one author I was really excited to try because I’ve enjoyed some of her works writing as Endiyah. She did not disappoint.

My personal favorite is the Stolen by A Billionaire Series–you will not be disappointed.

Supreme Love: A New Orleans Love Story by Cion Lee

I discovered Cion Lee this year when one of her books was chosen as the book club pick for the month. After that, I’ve devoured all of her books–completely gobbled them up like my favorite chocolate. That’s how sweet they are.

I’m happy to say I’ve read almost all her books. Her stories are strong on family, a theme I enjoy a lot in books because I find the dynamics really interesting. Some of my favs by her are Supreme Love: A New Orleans Love Story, For the Streets: Summer 2021, We All We Got: A New Orleans Love Story and That’s All Me: Johan and Keiko.

Deception (Exposed Series) by Naomi Chase

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Naomi Chase is the author that started my whole love affair with Urban Romance, the Exposed Series is the one that started me down the path, and it’s still one of my favorite series to date.

Once I read Tamia and Brandon’s story, I needed Brandon to wife me, because what??!! He was a boss, a lawyer, smart, sexy, paid, educated, and ruthless. The story was a rollercoaster ride! The series chronicling their journey can be found here.




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