Black Art and Poetry

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Over the weekend I was able to see a few of my favorite painters, The late Mr. Barkley L. Hendricks’ hand-painted oil canvases displayed on exhibit at the Broad Museum. I know I’m not the only “Aesthete” apart of this club that loves a page-turning book, a stare stalking portrait along with a thumb snapping poem.

‘Blood (Donald Formey)’, 1975, is the painting to the left, it is described to tell a story of a former student of Hendricks. The title “BLOOD” is an old code name to state how we are all brothers and sisters of African Decent.

Being present in front of this 72 x 50 1/2 inch canvas reminded me how ART along with the SPOKEN & WRITTEN WORD is amalgamated perfectly in our world of storytelling. I know we are all scattered across the world and there is no telling when your city with have a dope ARTIST of color on display so here is a list of poetry and art collection of books that may speak to your love of all things poetry and art.

              Soul of a Nation

Soul of A Nation

Soul of a Nation will take you back to a time in America when the artist of color in the 20-century were overlooked. In this book you will see works by Sam Gilliam, Melvin Edwards, Jack Whitten, William T. Williams, Howardina Pindell, Romare Bearden, David Hammons, my personal favs: Barkley L. Hendricks, Senga Nengudi, Noah Purifoy, Faith Ringgold, Betye Saar, Charles White, and Frank Bowling. If I have mentioned one of your favorite artists above this book is for you.             

For Everyone  

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Poet Jason Reynolds is a wordsmith. Originally writing poems like the one included above intended only for himself; this book of poems lives up to its title because the poems included are truly for everyone. When I read For Everyone I am motivated to step outside myself and charge up my ambition. If you want to activate the same feeling inside of you I recommend this collection for you.

 Otobong Nkanga: To Dig a Hole that Collapses Again

Image result for to dig a hole that collapses againArtist Otobong Nkanga uses her drawings to capture the rise relationships we share with our environments. In this book, you will see how Otobong Nkanga illuminates the social, political, and economic histories–and legacies–of colonialism. This book is full of color and breathtaking illustrations, that will make you revere her drawings. There are 100 illustrations in this book as well as some complimentary poems provided by writer Teju Cole.

  American Sonnet for my Past and Future

I lock you in an American sonnet that is part prison, part panic closet, a little room in a house set flame.

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Terrance Hayes words have pulled me in again and grounded me deep in our roots. This collection of 70 sonnets touch subjects relating to politics, racism, and many other poems that address the current Commander-In-Cheif.

Woman of Color

Now this book is a creative new release. Blogger LaTonya Yvette gives a unique way of introducing her debut memoir. Not only does she gives you visuals of fashion tips but she also shares her favorite spots along with her mommyhood hacks.



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