Sistah Girls, everyone loves a good time. As readers we often find ourselves caught up in the pages of our favorite books while enjoying the festivities they’re enjoying.

There are books that took us on trips, had us updating our playlists with party songs, witnessing proposals, and picking out outfits for weddings.

Here are a few times I wish I was a +1 at some of these fictional events.

From The Hood with Love (Book 3) by BriAnn Danae

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We all held our breath when Projex showed up at Lo’s 21st birthday party with a chip on his shoulder. Although he was invited no one expected the events that followed including a turned-down marriage proposal.

After interrupting the proposal with a fit of laughter, Symir was beyond pissed “Aye. You see me trying to do something!” Symir spat.

Projex knew that Lo was meant to be his so he taunted Symir “That’s the thing. I can, and she’d say yes right now.” Let’s just say the proposal wasn’t accepted…and we all breathed a sigh of relief but it was a party we all wanted to be invited to.

Bunny (The Sun Series Book 3) by Rae Lyse 

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When Jason walked into the backyard for the engagement party we had no idea he was there for one reason only. He wanted to confront Desmond about his fiancé–he wasn’t prepared for the events that would soon follow.

Their meeting turned disastrous as the first question echoed from Jason’s mouth “Are you the reason she lies so much?” I think all of us were taken aback by his audacity but Desmond quickly recovered, “If you don’t remember nothing else I told you, just remember this—I’m hers. Always been and always will be.”

Now, Jason, you knew better than to come to your engagement party assuming that you being her fiancé gave you the upper hand. I wanted to be there to witness this meeting, it had all the unexpected drama.

Seasons of Fidelity: End Game by Takerra Allen

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Somebody threw salt in Aleeya’s plans–literally. After spending hours preparing a Christmas meal, it was quickly ruined by Mimi, a heartbroken ex who wanted to ruin their night.

As their family and friends sat down to eat they quickly discovered that excess salt was added to the meal to make it taste unbearable. “No, she put salt in my dinner! When she came to pick up the boys and you let her wait down here. She just sent me a text. She ruined my dinner, Derrick!”

Mimi showed exactly what it means to be “salty.” This was a Christmas dinner we wanted to witness firsthand. Family drama on the holidays doesn’t always have a happy ending but this night did. I’d definitely bring my own food to their next event.

Ethic by Ashley Antoinette

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Morgan’s surprise party was just as short as our temper would have been. When Messiah showed up to Morgan’s after-surgery celebration with her best friend the eye-rolling began.

I think every reader at that moment collectively had an “oh no he didn’t,” moment because I couldn’t believe he did. And I wasn’t surprised at all when Morgan excused herself because she couldn’t stand the sight of it. 

“Thank you, everyone, for coming, but I’m in a little bit of pain and I just wanna get some sleep. I’m sorry. May I be excused?” Morgan refused to sit there and watch them sit next to each other and no one could blame her.

Even though Morgan refused to, I wanted a seat at the table to check Messiah for his actions. 

Grace (Prism Book 2) by Love Belvin

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Ain’t no party like a Witherspoon party cause a Witherspoon party don’t stop!

Jas’ birthday celebration was one for the books. Ashira made sure to bring excitement to their trip by prepaying for an excursion and making sure this celebration was one he wouldn’t forget.

From riding on the banana boat to jet-skiing to parasailing, and snorkeling, Shi-Shi, Jas, and their friends enjoyed the activities of the day.

“We’ve just had an amazing array of activities and I’m sure you guys are exhausted, having just flown in this morning. Maybe we can take a breather, go to our rooms and chill…” This was followed by a celebration at their Airbnb the very next day.

I love destination birthday trips and this one was one I would have loved an invite to. 

On Us 2 by Nina

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The wedding we didn’t think would happen actually happened–and I was waiting for my invite in the mail.  

Before the wedding started the brothers argued about who would be Lake’s best man only for him to pick Daly. They walked down the aisle to “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill.

Lake and Aivery singing to each other as she walked down the aisle made me blush. The vows they exchanged had me craving a love like theirs. “I choose you forever, Avery. On us.” Lake connected her pinky with his. She put her head down crying—this man.

“Forever. On us,” Avery promised.

Humbled By A Real N*gga 3 by Lisa Austin

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The way Doe and Ivoree’s love story blossomed was 🤌🏾.

The comedic relief they gave us in this series was better than a Netflix Comedy Special. I loved them as a couple until Doe decided to make it official and propose to her.

He did it as only he could with matching shoes as a token of his love for her. He gave one of the funniest book proposals “PP…Ivoree… Can you do a real n***a the honor of giving me that for the rest of our lives? Will you marry a n***a?”

It was definitely a night I’d never forget…I mean I wasn’t there but I could have been. 

Sistah Girls, I hope you were able to take a trip down memory lane if you’ve already read these stories. If you haven’t, I hope these scenes inspired you to purchase a book…or three from the list.

What are some of your favorite fictional events that you wanted an invite to? Let me know in the comments…



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