Sistah Girls, have you ever wondered what book or series your favorite author would recommend from their own catalog?

Usually, authors will say they love all of their books and characters equally but what if I were a stranger and had no clue who they were or what they wrote about, what book or series would they tell me to start with?

I asked nine of our Behind the Pen (our indie author signing in NYC) featured authors that same question and they did not disappoint. If these authors are “new to you,” this is a good place to get familiar…

Johnni Sherri

I would recommend my Heartbreak U series because it’s my most popular series to date. I also believe the quality of my writing had reached a new precipice at the time.

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Each character’s unique voice is captured as I share their journeys to both womanhood and sisterhood. This urban college romance also targets real-life themes; faith, sex, love, and loss. I believe it’s a page-turner and a definite must-read.

Monica Walters

I would tell them to start with my Berotte Family Series. This series is my best work since it’s my latest work and currently reflects my progression as an author.

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BriAnn Danae

One book I’d recommend starting with is Love Is What You Make It. It’s a marriage of convenience romance that pulls you in from the first sentence and displays the journey of Isis believing in love again despite her flawed views of it.

She placed her heart in the hands of a real man, and it’s beautiful to witness on the page.

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Rae Lyse

I’d tell them to start with The Endgame. Although it’s the second book in the Sun Series, I believe it’s a perfect feel-good romance that everyone can relate to.

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Brookelyn Mosley

I think my answer to this will always be Girl Code. Though I’ve written many books since Girl Code including its sequel, I would want them to start there because it’s a personal favorite and because it’s one of the romance stories, I’m most proud of.

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It’s romantic, unconventional, will have them rooting for a couple they probably would’ve never thought they’d root for, has a book bae I know they will love, and best of all it’s a friends-to-lovers story… my favorite trope to read and write.

Stephanie Nicole Norris

In The Heart of A Valentine is my most talked-about series. New readers usually encounter that series first before going through my entire catalog. I suggest a new reader start with book one, No Holds Barred.

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Charae Lewis

We Could Never Be Series. It’s a great tale with a good balance of a love story and drama.

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Danielle Allen

I’d recommend Broken Clocks because it’s emotional, it has a life lesson, and it makes people feel.

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It’s a risky recommendation but even when people have said they were mad at me about Broken Clocks, every single one of them also mentioned how it impacted them, how it made them look at their lives differently, and how it made them feel. And as an author, it is such a joy to make people FEEL.

K.L. Hall

If shorter books are your thing, then I would recommend starting with the Potomac Falls novella series. They are short and sweet, but draw you in from the beginning and keep you locked in until the very end.

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If longer reads are more of their jam, I would suggest Crushed Velvet & Cashmere, or the Illest Taboo series. Either way, you shake it, you’re going to get a sexy urban love story.

Sistah Girls, this summer, all roads lead to NYC! Grab your Behind the Pen ticket HERE.

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