At the End of It All by Rae Lyse

Sistah Girls, this story is a slow burn, but it captures your attention on the first page.

We’re introduced to Ace and Ason Sr. A father and son duo who moved from Los Angeles, California to Houston, TX. Their relationship has been tarnished because of the past neglect by Ason Sr. with his deceased wife and highly talented son.

We learn Ace was often at the end of his father’s to-do list, this drove him to be a “momma’s boy” and prompted his steady emotional and mental decline once his mother’s cancer diagnosis turned grim.

Ace unofficially meets Phat while in basketball practice at his newfound home, Lockwood State, two years after being dismissed from Basketball powerhouse UCLA. Their journey together begins that faithful day.

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Ace and Phat embark on a journey predicted by Ace’s deceased mother Angie.

“Mom would’ve called her a little lady. She used to tell me that little ladies weren’t grown; they were trying to be, but that’s what made them perfect. She swore I’d fall in love with one, just like she swore I’d fall in love with a girl with a name as pretty as Lourdes.” 

My Thoughts

Throughout the story, we see how judging someone based on accusations may keep you from finding your special person. Ace had so much personality and potential but much of it was stripped away because of life-altering events. 

Ace was a smooth talker with a pure heart whose discernment levels were always on point. Phat was an immature freshman with emotional issues. Her lack of experience in the real world showed at the beginning of the book. As you read further, there is growth that occurs based on how her life unfolds.  

Sistah Girls, this story has many villains, but the one that stood out the most was Ace’s father. To me he had no redeeming qualities, his emotionless stance paired with the neglect of his son was something I just couldn’t forgive.

Another one was Cheyenne, (the accuser) she proved Ace’s mom right.

“Mom could spot a jersey chaser from a mile away: “That’s supposed to be Javier’s girl, but she looking at you like she’s yours. Take care of that, Ason.”

She was the epitome of privilege and greed, the worst kind of woman. 

Overall, this is a good story with strong character development, as the book progresses, you see how the characters go from dependence on each other to self-care practice which leads to elevation.

Ace taught Phat how to speak up for herself and enjoy the finer things in life while Phat taught Ace how to trust again. This romance gave me cartoon heart-thumping eyes as I read their love blossomed and changed them for the better. 

I pulled an all-nighter reading this book and I know you will too.

This book is definitely a 5-star read.

Bonus: My Favorite Quotes

“They’re some of the most selfish, crazy bitches, Ason, but they’ll ride for you in ways you’d never imagine. Not because they’re loyal to you though. They’re loyal to their image and the lifestyle you can give them. Don’t ever let them get close enough to you that they even have a chance to ride for you. Nip that shit in the bud as soon as you feel it,” Mom hissed, shaking her head at another wannabe WAG I brought around her: Cheyenne.

“My mama is in the hospital. Who else was I supposed to call? You?”

“I—I—did something really happen between you and Ace at his party in Malibu that summer?”



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