Hey Sistah Girls, did you attend Behind the Pen 2018? If you did and you’re still trying to get to know the authors, I’ve made a nice list of books to begin your reading journey.

The event was amazing, I met some of my favorite authors and got a chance to meet some authors that were new to me. If you’re like me you want to check out new authors but sometimes you may not know where to start. I wanted to make sure you had a list of books to read by each author. So, are you ready to get your read on?

Behind the Pen 2018

Takerra Allen- Be sure to read Devout (475 people can’t be wrong)

Nako- Is She the Reason- Once again (417 people loved it)

Love Belvin – The Rhythm of Blues Series (800+ Folks said you better read this series)

Nia Forrester- The Come Up– (I would love to be in her head for a day or two to see how her stories develop).

Danielle Allen- Work Song- and Disasters in Dating (255 readers loved them) I’m always ready for her works.

Bailey West-The Bluette Brothers (I need a Bluette just because!)

Nicole Falls- Accidentally in Love Series (240 Folks loved the series) Smitten with her words.


Dominique Thomas- I Only Wanna Be With You Books 1 & 2

Dominique Thomas

Te`Russ-The Noble of Sweet Rapids Series (327 readers reviewed) Ian is my favorite!

Té Russ

Lily Java- Blackbirds and Sticky Moon–My intuitive author bae.

Chencia C. Higgins-To Buy A Vow Series (64 reviews of praise for this nearly new author) Chin-C-Ah!

Diana W.–By Chance Series (240 readers adore this new author)

 Diana W.

Bria Felicien- Ready (I highly recommend reading this authors books)

Kay Blake- Catch Me If I Fall

Mika Joli-The Boyfriend: A Friends to Lovers Romance- (328 Reviews) I’m checking her selection.

Sabrina ELB Scales- Take your pick Petals and all Bricks Stories

Eartha Watts Hicks–Love Changes: SPECIAL EDITION: Who Loves Mia?

Keith Thomas Walker–Backslide 1-2 (He writes it, I read it. Enough said!)

I hope this list helps on your reading journey!

BLS copy



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