Sistah Girls, ya favorite Midwest Gypsy took time to read Shelda Sauls’ friends-to-lovers novel, GASP. Y’all know how this goes; take a moment to read the synopsis and then we’ll chat.

“Monica Harris is a successful hairstylist with her own thriving salon in San Antonio, Texas. While entangled in a passionless relationship with her womanizing fiancé Edmond, he proves to be more heartache than he is worth.

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Before their wedding plans begin, Monica’s best friend and professional basketball all-star, Julian Alexander makes her an offer she cannot refuse…marry him and receive two million dollars. But when Monica decides to make her dreams a reality, she must put her heart on the line to take a chance on love.”

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Sauls is a “new author to me,” so I started this book with no expectations outside of the cover catching my eye. What I liked about the story was how much Julian cared about and wanted to support Monica; both personally and professionally.

Regardless of her initial decision to stick things out with Edmond (the jerk), Julian was there to pick up the pieces for Monica whenever her  fiancé left them on the ground.

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Sistah Girls, a little fact about me: I’m a stan for a supportive, says the first thing that comes to mind bestie. That was Val’s character through and through. I surely enjoyed Valencio’s pop-ups in this book.


Where I struggled with this piece was when the characters transitioned to lovers. To me, this portion of the story felt rushed and almost one-sided.

It wasn’t until the 95% mark, that Monica finally realized Julian loved her, and she loved him back. Up until that point, she thought it was only a newfound physical attraction between them. Additionally, there were a lot of twists packed into the final 10 or so pages, which added to the rushed impression and slight disconnect between me and the storyline.

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This reader gives GASP three out of five stars. One for the way Julian talked about his love for Monica to his best friend. Another for our bestie Val. And the third one is for Monica and Julian getting their happily ever after.

While I wasn’t overly enthralled with this book, it wasn’t a complete DNF for me. That being said, I am open to giving another piece Saul’s catalog a chance.

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Sistah Girls, have you read GASP or anything else by Sauls? If so, let me know what book I should check out next. 

Until next time, remember in 2023, we leave reviews for the books we finish. Peace!



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