Low Love, Low Fidelity by Love Belvin

In Low Love, Low Fidelity, readers are introduced to Tobias Elliott and Lennox Curry. Lennox has been in an unhealthy marriage for eight years and is close to her breaking point with her husband Kelvin, a former NBA player.

Tobias is ready to treat Lennox like a queen—with adoration and a love that only a man head over heels for you can provide. These two tortured souls need each other like they need air to breathe.

This story makes the age-old saying, “Not all cases of infidelity are created equal” true. Their love story is, dare I say, unethical in every sense but if you’re a hopeless romantic, you will end up rooting for their happily ever after. 

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Love Belvin has taken her readers on a journey in the LBU for a decade. Her first series Love’s Improbable Possibility took us by storm by introducing us to her first alpha male Azmir Jacobs aka Divine.

With lines stretching for hours just to get an autographed book from her, most readers have crowned her as a legend in the indie author world. 

As a reader, I get lost in the Love Belvin Universe. Her slow burns keep me engaged as a reader. 

While Low Love, Low Fidelity isn’t a conventional love story, but it is a story that reminds us that not all love stories are equal but they all deserve a chance to bloom. The patience Tobias displayed made me love him more, he refused to let Lennox walk out of his life without fighting for her again.

Lennox frustrated me to the point of no return…or so I thought. I struggled to understand her point of view even though it was aided by a trusted family member. I could not relate to wanting to stay in a loveless marriage that ended before the ink was dry on the marriage certificate. 

Tobias was dreamy in every sense. He was a hopeless romantic, possessed mind-blowing bedroom skills, and he was rich. He could provide the comfortable and worry-free lifestyle for Lennox that she deserved.

Lennox lacked the courage needed to demand better. She accepted the bare minimum from her husband and cared for people who took advantage of her.

From her in-laws to her two-faced friends she fought for peace every step of the way. Her weak traits were a turnoff, but that changed towards the end of the book even though the ride was full of potholes and speed bumps.

If you love a slow-burn romance, mixed with great character development, and some steamy romance scenes, this is the book for you.

Favorite Quotes

“You don’t have that buildup of resentment collected from shared experiences over the years. Love is easy when you’re not fighting against bad memories created from the marriage. Love is the best when unalloyed.”

“I found my way to my bedroom.” She snorted, dimples forming. “Printed words of affirmation leading me straight to the door. Precious, worthy, desired, enduring, brilliant…I can’t remember them all, but felt each one of them. Protectable. That was one of my favorites. Then black, long-stem flowers on the bed, forming a heart around a purple Andretta’s box.”

“I hate I waited this long to love you,” I admitted. Tobias kissed my wet lips encouragingly. “I’d marry you tonight if I could.”



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