Sistah Girls, as morbid as it may be, I enjoy crime. Not committing crimes. The storytelling of crimes.  After a long week of parenting and working, I like to take the edge off with a lil murder, kidnapping, and mystery.

So purchasing My Sister, the Serial Killer at full price was a no-brainer for me. 

Themes: Loyalty, Relationships, Family
Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Kordere is responsible, hardworking, and most importantly loyal. She is the opposite of her beautiful and flighty sister Ayoola. Kordere spends her days working as a nurse at the local hospital, pining after the handsome doctor and using a coma patient as her only trusted confidante.

Time and again her morals are tested by familial ties as her sociopathic sister relies on her to clean up yet another murderous mess. When her sister’s behavior bleeds over into her professional life Kordere is forced to consider how far her love will go. 

My Thoughts

Despite the blood and murder, no spoilers here look at the title, the book reads more like a dark comedy. I enjoyed the outrageous behavior of some of the characters and it was my first time reading a book set in modern-day Lagos.

As an American, it was fun to read along and imagine the accents, rhythm of words, and unfamiliar slang. Many books I read in my childhood that were set in African countries were folkloric or treated the continent as an antiquated monolith. 

Second, I enjoy almost any book that features a black sister duo. Kordere and Ayoola’s dynamic is toxic but fun to follow. 

Would I Recommend it?Background is greenery with a hand holding a book with green words and a black woman on the cover

 My Sister, the Serial Killer was a fun and quick read. The chapters were short, making it feel like I was flying through pages.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers with a hint of humor. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from the author. 



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