Symphony Of Secrets by Brendan Slocumb

Sistah Girls, I’m back with another book review and y’all already know it’s a thriller! Symphony of Secrets is a brand-new novel by Brendan Slocumb, that weaves a compelling tale of friendship, deception, and tragedy in both present-day and 1920s New York City.

Slocumb’s sophomore novel follows Bern Hendricks, a college professor who owes his career to legendary composer Frederick Delaney and his organization, the “Delaney Foundation.”

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When Bern is commissioned by the foundation to restore the composer’s lost masterpiece “Red,” he discovers a shocking secret; that a Black woman, Josephine Reed really wrote the symphony.

Along with his fearless computer programmer friend Eboni, Bern sets out to uncover the truth, despite the mounting opposition and intimidation tactics of the foundation execs.

Told in dual timeframes, the story of Josephine and Frederick are both explored. Though Bern’s perspective tells an important story of the current erasure and racial discrimination in the music world, it is Josephine and Freddy’s compelling story that takes center stage.

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Perhaps it’s the fact that their tale takes place in New York in the 20s; the people are hungry and ambitious, the jazz clubs are jumping, and the melodies soar off the page.

Or maybe, it is simply the vibrant and unique character of Josephine, a talented neurodivergent woman, whose musical genius is taken advantage of.

Like Slocumb’s debut novel The Violin Conspiracy the author’s musical expertise shines throughout, as well as his character’s passion for music is the beating heart of the novel.

Its inclusion infuses it with a certain melodic pacing; structured like a symphony, but never boring, it’s divided into an overture, five acts, and a curtain call. This allows readers to truly dive into the story, and get the full symphony experience.

Final Thoughts

Slocumb’s novel tackles important issues, such as the social and systemic treatment of the marginalized, as well as racism in the musical world, with tact and grace.

And, it has a little something for everyone; suspense and mystery, historical elements, sprinklings of romance, and corruption and betrayal. This novel is essential for music lovers and all those looking for a fast-paced and immersive read!

Overall Sistah Girls, I cannot recommend Symphony of Secrets enough! I was certainly eager to finish it; the suspense was masterfully crafted, the pacing quick, and the cliffhangers after each chapter were consistent and deeply satisfying.

Slocumb’s musical mystery is a standout; by simply writing about what he is passionate about, Slocumb has created an entirely new and fascinating genre. His breathtaking new novel is certainly a new favorite!



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