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🎶 Let’s talk about books baby! Let’s talk about fantasy. Let’s talk about all three books of the Third Street Conjure Boys series 🎶 

Thank you, thank you!

Okay, now that I have taken care of that to-do, let me tell y’all about a book series that is so dope I could have finished it in one sitting, but I didn’t. Instead, I couldn’t take the disappointment waiting around the black-inked bend of that final “the end”.

Nikki Clarke’s Third Street Conjure Boys is a three-book series that falls into the category of Speculative Romance

Each book takes you on the journey of one of three Conjure brothers, Jinx, Lure, and Abra. Three ancient deities who have a brush with fate when they stumble upon the one woman in the world who is able to awaken their full deity. 


The first of the TSCBs to share their story is Inti Achuqalla aka Jinx Conjure. Jinx fancies himself the charmer of his siblings. A single, handsome god in human form, this ancient being is only interested in attempting to whoo riser is so that he can be renewed. 

There’s only one problem, Glitter wants nothing to do with the attractive, cocky man who does magic tricks in his spare time. A cynic of all things that defy the laws of social practicality, Glitter is the last person to believe in magic. 

Even after the strangely satisfying occurrence, she experienced while attending her first Third Street Conjure Boys magic show…and quite often afterward, she still remains a critic.

The pair’s adventure picks up pretty fast from there, taking readers along as Jinx’s attempt to achieve the ultimate celestial pleasure transforms into more than he bargained for. 


Being the human form hosting those among the oldest and most powerful deities in existence is a heavy load to carry. Then again, being the human form hosting the oldest and most powerful deity in existence period? That is equivalent to…well nothing can compare.

Such is the charge of Lure Conjure or as he is spiritually known, Olodumare Babatunde. Lure knows right away what he must do to get his recently rescued riser to come out from her hiding space deep inside her host. 

Completely aware of her inner goddess named Mawu, Sparkle wakes up from a coma after being kidnapped by demis, only to find that she is in the care of Lure. Note: a demi is a lower-ranked god. 

Sparkle knows how much her goddess sways towards everything that is the oldest Conjure sibling. Mawu is Olodumare’s riser after all. Unfortunately, if Lure were to discover her secret, Sparkle believes she and Mawu both will be in more danger than she was with the demis.


Last but not least in the lineup, we have a diamond grill wearing Abra Conjure aka Abrahim ThothAbra knows that he has long held the infatuation of goddess Maquilla Quechua, who goes by Blossom.

And just as long as the goddess of the moon has been enchanted with this Third Street Conjure Boy is exactly how long Abra has been dodging her claims of being his riser. His reasoning for doing so for the last two years is simple, his god doesn’t recognize Blossom’s goddess as his.

Thanks to an accidental bout with time travel, both Abra and Blossom are stuck in an era that is foreign to them. When news of the Moon Mother’s arrival takes over the village, the spatting pair must figure out how to get back home before chaos ensues.

But in order to do that, Blossom and Abra have to stick together–very close together.

My Final Thoughts

Sistah Girls, if you love a story that is romantic, steamy, and action-packed, then you will L-O-V-E this magical series. The characters and plot of each book were well thought out, allowing me as the reader to remain engaged with the storyline page after page. 

I especially liked how each book picked up where the last one left off, yet we were able to focus on a different Conjure sibling and their mate.

And those Conjure men…can you say H-O-T HOT!

They were every bit of the alpha male you would expect a god to be. Tall, brooding, intelligent, and all for protecting the women they love by any means necessary.

What I adored most about this series are the cultural gems dropped about the world of Black Magic, the gods and goddesses of different backgrounds, and the overall message (based on my interpretation) that the real magic in life is love.

With three books total and each one taking a 5-star rating from ya girl, I am breaking the Richter scale of normalcy and giving Clarke’s Third Street Conjure Boys 15 gold stars!

Sistah Girls, go grab your copy of these books and let Jinx, Lure, and Abra take you to a place where Black love is as magical as it is in real life. 



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