You Could Do Damage (Series) by K.C. Mills

Sistah Girls, it’s been a while since I’ve written a review and honestly, I missed it. Kincaid and Nari were the couple to bring me out of this faux retirement. 

Kincaid Akel is a no-nonsense businessman who straddles the fence of both the light and darkness in his world. By day he’s securing million-dollar deals and by night he’s handling business for The Family.

When we first meet him we discover that he’s in an arranged engagement that is seemingly off. He was all set to go through with the marriage until he discovered a secret that makes the balance in his world. So he develops a plan to get him out of that mess.

The plan comes into play when we meet Nari Collette. She’s a twenty-four-year-old who’s down on her luck. She’s a product of foster care and the only family she’s had gets her evicted and steals her money.

One night while working at the club she is assaulted by a man and Kincaid is right there witnessing the whole thing go down. He immediately takes action and the two can’t deny there is something between them.

A few weeks later Kincaid finds a loophole in his arranged engagement and only one person can help him–Nari Collette. Once she agrees the three M’s follow them around. Marriage. Murder. And Mayhem.

I truly enjoyed this series. I read parts one and two in a little under two days. The story just flowed and gave me everything I needed. I am rating this series a 4 ⭐️ overall.


Rowan Reign



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