Now you can read for free using the OverDrive App!


I like my books how I like my films, diverse. However, I realized that I don’t like taking chances on books in other genres. *Confession: I am not an adventurous reader*

I also don’t feel confident about spending all my coins on a book in a genre that I may not like. Autobiographies, Self-Help, Business, and Black Romance are my genres of choice. But I know there are so many good stories I am missing out on because of this fear. Low and behold the greatest thing invented for readers everywhere, OverDrive

OverDrive reading app


OverDrive is an app that connects libraries to readers digitally. This app/website just made me step my reading game All The Way Up! *Khaled voice*

So what is the OverDrive App?

OverDrive is a tool to help readers borrow books from their local libraries online. What’s so cool about that? You can get library books delivered to your reading tablet for free! No more going all the way to the library to check out a book, you now have the power to download the app or use OverDrive on your desktop to get books you want to borrow.

When you download the app, you can read your borrowed books from all of your devices, (Kindle, iPad, desktop). In order for you to use OverDrive, you must have a library card that is not deactivated. Of course, my Brooklyn library card was deactivated *hides face in shame* but my New York library card wasn’t…small wins.

It gets better if your local library doesn’t have the book you want to read you can search every library in your area until you find the book. Once you find the book you can borrow it or be placed on a waiting list and be notified once it becomes available.

Note: If you have a Brooklyn library card you can’t use it to borrow books outside your borough. So if a book is available digitally in a Manhattan library you will need a Manhattan library card to borrow it.

OverDrive reading app

OverDrive is an app that connects libraries to readers digitally.

OverDrive has eased my anxiety when it comes to reading books from different genres. It will also help me save a few coins. I do want to buy every book I love but I also want to budget and pace myself. I need a GoFundMe no lol.

I have found the golden ticket; I hope this will help all my Sistah Girls who enjoy reading. Now you can ball out!

PS. They also let you borrow audio books. Feeling like a kid in a candy store!



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