Solace: The Safest Place for a Lonely Heart

“Pain. An emotion I was becoming all too familiar with, one that I didn’t like.”

Besides the cover drawing me in, this line caught my attention from the beginning. I was curious to see just what type of pain the character was going through. And boy did Jesabel go through it.

She had a boyfriend who was no good for her, his parents treated her like she was beneath them, and her own parents wanted to control her.

Jesabel had it rough and I felt every emotion she went through as the book went on. 

Enter Justice

She ends up meeting Justice who is in town for a job assignment. Unbeknownst to her, she’s the job. Justice is the definition of a true alpha male. He was fine as hell and smart.

What starts out as a slight stalking situation, eventually turns into the two of them being attracted to each other. Of course, there are plenty of obstacles along the way that could potentially ruin any chances of a relationship between them.  

“It seemed as if I attracted a certain type of person and it made me wonder if there was something off about me and my energy. Was I putting out into the universe that I wanted a man who wasn’t all the way together and needed to be fixed? If I was, it was not on purpose.” 

This line stood out to me because sometimes the energy we put out can cause us to attract people that are no good for us. It’s not something anyone plans to do, it just happens. But once Jesabel’s mindset changed, her life started to change for the better. 

The Storyline

It’s a slow burn but the build-up kept me intrigued, waiting to see what happens next. 

At times I wanted to choke out Jesabel because she knew her boyfriend was a crappy dude but she wouldn’t leave him. I think we all have been a victim of staying in unhealthy relationships longer than we should. Eventually, secrets were revealed and things worked out for the best for Jesabel and Justice. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. It deals with real-life situations we all may have gone through at some point in life. Relationship issues, family issues, parenthood, and learning your worth.

Ash Ley is known for writing bittersweet romance but she stepped out of the box with this one. If you read this book and want to read something else by Ash Ley I recommend Sweet Lies Between Her Thighs



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