Sistah Girl Slow Jamz Vol. 1 [Playlist]

Sistah Girls, I don’t know about you but I love a good playlist. I have one for the gym, one for my long commutes, one when I clean and I often listen to my friends’ playlists.

Sometimes I can get stuck on one album and never move from it, so a good playlist not only introduces me to new music it helps me change from my same ole regular degular music routine.

I asked members of the Sistah Girls Book Club to drop some songs to make a fake slow jam album. Well after checking out the songs I got the idea that this list should be something that all the Sistah Girls could listen to when they wanted.

They didn’t mean to make a dope playlist but they definitely did, after putting the list together I was quite impressed by the flow–Issa Vibe.

The Sistah Girl Slow Jamz Vol. 1 playlist has a variety of bops, some new R&B, some oldies, and some classic songs that make you just drop what you’re doing and zone out. It’s definitely grown and sexy.

Thank you to all the dope Sistah Girls who contributed to the playlist, now we can all listen to it and do full body rolls at work okay!

Listen below and let me know what you think. Be sure to join our Facebook group to chime in on books and clearly other things like creating playlists. The playlist is available on both Apple Music and Spotify.


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