8 Black Authors, I Discovered This Year & Loved…

Sistah Girls,

This year has been a roller coaster but if you’re reading this, I’m grateful that you’re here. I’ve been reading a lot lately and these are some of the authors I discovered this year. Even though some are simply new to me, I hope you check out their work and please let me know in the comments what books you read. Note: They are arranged randomly and not according to preference. Enjoy!!!

Kennedy Ryan

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So, I really only discovered that Kennedy was Black this year. I had read a few of her books which I enjoyed. However, I never thought she was Black because she wrote about white characters. Pretty presumptuous of me right? If you’re looking for a book with a great plot, I suggest you try her. I just finished her All the King’s Men Series and I was blown away. A few of her works like the Queen Move has a Black main character. You can however check some of her other works HERE


Millie Belizaire

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I love Millie Belizaire. If you like your love with real-life issues, a few-hiccups, snags, and drama you will appreciate her work. I’ve read all her works and I’d strongly recommend Fast (you’d need a box of tissues if you’re like me) and Garden of Eden (I devoured it in one night). It was that good!!! Our book club has read and reviewed Fast. You can find her works here.


Rilzy Adams

I literally just found Rilzy Adams last week on @girlhaveyouread on Instagram. After that, I tried her out with Go Deep and I’m hooked!!! I hate novellas but she had me rooting for hers. It was that BOMB. You can find a review of Go Deep here. All of her books are currently on my “to be read” list. However, her books can be found here.


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I first heard of Desiree from @ashreadsbooks on Instagram. Desiree is one of her favorite authors. And I’m always open to checking out new authors because my favorite author could be lurking around somewhere. I read the For the Love of ATL series and it was great. Her books are set in Atlanta and additionally, I found that her books typically have a lot of characters with their own plots. This can make it a bit difficult to follow for some. If it’s something you don’t have a problem with, you can check Desiree out here.

Danesha Little  

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If you’ve ever dreamt of being with the rich and famous or reading about them, then Danesha Little is your girl. She writes about the love lives of athletes and musicians. I love how she crafts her stories and makes them so relatable. Her works are the Unapologetically Me Series and Rookie Mistakes which you can find here

Briann Danae

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Briann Danae pens urban romance. I love urban romance and she writes it so well. Her stories keep me hooked to the pages because of her colorful characters and stories. Some of her works I’ve enjoyed are He’s Your Ex for a Reason and Moment in Time. If you like urban romance, you can check her books out here.


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A British author? I’m in love!!!! I love the Brits–the way they speak and their dry sense of humor. When I heard about Talia Hibbert from @thelagosreview, I decided to check her out and was delighted at my discovery.

Hibbert prides herself on writing stories about diverse groups of people: paranormal, people living with disabilities, and interracial relationships among other things. If this sounds like your cuppa, (cliché I know) you can find her here. 

Suzette D. Harrison

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The first of Suzette’s novels I read was The California Love Series and they were honestly a surprise. I think this was mainly because they were faith romances with very attractive and saved men. The series was an utter delight to read.

Investigating further, I found out that she doesn’t write only faith romances and that she has written some other types including a historical romance which I can’t wait to try. I really enjoyed the California Love Series and if you’re a fan of faith romance, you can find her body of work here

Have you discovered any new authors this year that I haven’t mentioned? Please let me know in the comments. I’m always on the hunt for my new best author.



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