Best Books Of 2020

Sistah Girls, after reading our biggest listicle of books that came out in 2020, I can see how overwhelming it can be to select just one out of the bunch. Never fear, I’m here with the breakdown.

While there were tons of books that came out in 2020, here are the gems that stuck out for me.

Favorite books in 2020…

We Made Love In the ’80s by Arabia

Young love, crew life, fast money, urban fashions, and drug lords take center stage in the hood of New York.

When a young girl falls for a rising drug Lord she begins to get everything her heart desires. The thing is, living a fast life doesn’t always pay well. The highs are high but the lows are just as intense.

Saving Sunflower (The Sun) by Rae Lyse

Saving Sunflower is easily hands down in my personal TOP 10 reads of 2020! From the strong descriptive storytelling that was captivating, to the way the author delved into each main character, to me speedily falling fast and hard for Dominic DeBlanc. Rae Lyse has won my little bookworm heart.

fast by Millie Belizaire

I must be honest; fast was a hard read due to its content. However, it was wonderfully written and brought out every emotion imaginable.

You will cry, you will laugh, you will get angry, you will be happy and you will gasp for air. Listen, Millie is an excellent writer, and the journey she takes readers on in fast is truly unforgettable. READ THE BOOK!

Money Devils 1 (Cartel) by Ashley and JaQuavis

Money, Power, Murder, and Espionage are at an all-time high in this fast-paced suspenseful drama.

If I had to describe this book in a few words I would say it’s a mix of two shows, Power (on Starz) and Dynasty (on CW). At any rate, it’s the high-tech gadgets and the strong female leads that rain SUPREME in this read.

I should note that Money Devils is a spin-off from this duo’s long-standing Cartel series. In Money Devils, you’re given just enough background for readers to catch up but now I’ll probably start the Cartel series while I wait for book 2 of Money Devils to drop.

Authors I’m looking forward to reading in 2021…

Takerra Allen, her last release completely caught me off guard with the twist in it that was not her norm. She was flexin and I liked it. I look forward to more flexin from her in 2021.

Dominique Thomas, as far as I’m concerned she owes me some answers concerning quite a few characters. LOL, she knows it’s all love though!

Dominique always brings her A-game therefore I’m a bit anxious to read her upcoming 2021 releases.

Breakout author in 2020…

Rae Lyse is new and literally came out the gate swinging with a strong, well-written novel, giving readers quality storytelling.

I’m interested to see if Rae can keep that momentum and maintain it as she grows.

The book/series I most enjoyed reading in 2020…

I’m a romance reader. I simply enjoy reading love stories. My number 1 love story of 2020 was The Muted Love Series by Love Belvin.

Muted Hopelessness by love belvin

The writing was good from start to finish and readers got three full-length books where the characters were unraveled and then eventually put back together. I dare say, I enjoyed every second of it.

And there you have it…

Sistah Girls, let me know what authors and books were your faves in 2020.



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