The Five Senses Of… is a unique interview series created for authors to explore their work and life using their five senses. It is designed to tap into their sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound to give readers a glimpse of the author behind the pen. 

A. Marie Johnson is a contemporary romance author who pens novels from the heart.

A. Marie Johnson [Interview]

SGBC: What inspired your first project?

A. Marie: Teenaged Love birthed my first project. It was written with my very first relationship in mind. The giddiness I felt when that relationship started, the important life lessons I learned as the relationship progressed, and ultimately the heartbreak I experienced once the relationship was over were the main things that inspired me to craft my first Urban Romance.

Although that project is no longer available for purchase, it will always hold a special place in my heart because it was filled with real and raw emotions. It was written like a letter from my heart to the world.

One day, when I’m ready to revisit that place in time, I’ll republish it. I’m not quite there yet though. So, soon come. Just not too soon, lol!

SGBC: Finish the sentence, My writing feels OR sounds like…

A. Marie: My writing feels like listening to your favorite song. When you listen to your favorite song, it can make you feel joyful inside, it can put you in your feelings, it can remind you of old memories; both good and unpleasant, and most importantly it touches you in a way that makes you relate to the words being sung.

SGBC: Using the five senses, what does your love look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like?

A. Marie: My love looks like a natural well; it runs deep. Like the rocks that surround a well, my love is sturdy. It’s authentic. It’s old-fashioned. It can be tough at times, but it’s beautiful to witness and it will run for as long as you will let it

The Five Senses of: A. Marie Johnson [Interview]

My love feels like the first day of Summer. It’s welcoming. It’s a breath of fresh air. It brings light into your life, warmth upon your skin, and it’s worth waiting for!

My love tastes like a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’ll give you a buzz and leave you wanting another sip.

My love smells like your all-time favorite perfume. It’s distinct, it clings to you, and it’s unforgettable.

My love sounds exactly like “For the Love of You” by The Isley Brothers; it’s classic! It’s not easy to duplicate or forget.

SGBC: Black Love is…

A. Marie: President Obama and First Lady Michelle, Powerful, okay! I can’t think of a better way to describe Black Love. The power of it is immeasurable, honestly. Black Love is deeply touching.

SGBC: If your last project was turned into an album what artist and song would have to make the list?

A. Marie: “My Song” by H.E.R. would definitely have to make the list if my last project, Love Me, Yours Truly, was turned into an album. My heroine’s feelings for the hero, and a few parts of the story, are based on the lyrics to “My Song.”

Please take a listen to the song and then download this best friends-to-lovers novella. You’ll fall in love with both of them. I promise!

SGBC: What’s your favorite item in your home?

A. Marie: My Water Mint & Eucalyptus (with notes of spearmint and geranium) candle. It’s my favorite candle ever!

I have it burning when I write when I’m cleaning when I’m meditating when I shower…This candle truly does everything with me, lol! The scent of it is calming and promotes a relaxing environment. I will forever stan this candle. Highly recommend!

A. Marie Johnson [Interview]

SGBC: What simple thing do you find joy in?

A. Marie: One of the simplest things that I find joy in is laughter. I love to make people laugh and I love for people to make me laugh.

There is something about the sound of hearing someone else’s laugh, or my own, that makes me feel so, so good inside. It’s like food for the soul to me. I’m always down to give a good laugh and to have a good laugh!

SGBC: I love how _______ feels.

A. Marie: I love how love feels. There is no greater feeling than love, to me. Showing love, giving love, being loved. It all feels like… R&B in the 90’s to me.

It’s warming. It makes my heart smile, my soul dance. It’s a feeling I’ll never get tired of. Love is like the light of the world. A light I will always and forever shine.

This was such a fun interview, be sure to keep up with A. Marie HERE



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