Last month I gave you a list of black male authors that you should add to your bookshelf. This month I am back with a list of my go-to black female authors. If you’re looking for a good read; I know you’ll find a host of books to enjoy on this list!

Friendly Reminder: This is not a hierarchy list, it’s a list of authors that I personally love. If you want to recommend some authors please do so in the comments section.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker’s, The Color Purple, many readers, can recite this book/movie verbatim.

Pearl Cleage’s What Look Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day. The title alone drew me in and the story kept me engaged from start to finish.

Donna Hill The Lawson’s Series—Ohh La La! Sexy sexy! engaged. I’ve read every book this author has written over the years.

Maureen Smith’s, Wolf Pack Series–Hot Sexy Men!

Christina C. Jones- Serendipitous Love Series, Ante Up, Wright Brothers’ Series–Excellent Writer.

Love Belvin’s, Love’s Improbable Possibility Series and the Wayward Love Series–You should read these books.

Nia Forrester’s The Commitment Series–Commit to reading this series.

Iris Bolling-The Heart Series, The Gems and Gents Series–Both excellent, intelligent series.

Sharon C. Cooper –Jenkins Family Series, Reunited Series –Nice family and dramatic series.

Te` Russ –The Nobel Series & The McAlister Series –You will enjoy!

Candace Shaw –The Arrington’s Series–A family of smart doctor’s series.

SK Hardy –Sin City Heat SeriesSexy, and Hot!

Ann Christopher –Deadly Romantic Suspense SeriesNicely told.

Jacinta Howard –The Prototype Series–Mysteriously beautiful characters.

There you have it, a list of some of the best authors around today. I’m sure you will find a great book or series, I guarantee it!




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