Black Romance Novels That Give You All Feels

Hey, Sistah’s Hey!

I’ve missed sharing my love of reading with you all. Before compiling this list of feel-good reads I honestly hadn’t picked up a book since the beginning of the year. That gutted me.

I’m a lover of the literary arts and life took that ability away from me. But now that I’m back I would like to share with you some of the books that made me feel good and want to get out of the storm I was in. So in no particular order let’s get started.

I Think I Might Love You by Christina C. Jones

I found myself laughing so loud and crying real tears of joy. I also found myself vibing to the fictional lyricist Vanity, my thoughts the entire time “Ok let me find out CCJ moonlights as a rapper on the side.”

The love story that was hidden between humor and lyrics gave me the joy I had been missing for MONTHS. I would’ve liked to be a fly on Jaclyn and Kadan’s walls for 24 hours.

Single AF by Sherelle Green

Oh. Em. Gee. I couldn’t get enough of Ms. Meeka and her nursery rhyme lyrics. Homegirl was hysterical. Each encounter she had to deal with either had my jaw dropping or me falling all over the floor laughing. Tone and Meeka may have had a rocky beginning but their antics lead them in the right direction for love.

Plus by Sabrina Scales

This author is truly becoming one of my favorites. She knows how to weave a tale that serves you up some real-life realness. Her novels unfold like a beautifully wrapped gift after everything is unwrapped you find the best part of the story. Even filled with a traumatic experience I found myself fulfilled.

Slipped Up In Love by Ashley Nicole

This was a good read. Unrequited love is what sold me. Often times I giggled at Cheyenne and Travis antics. Actually this whole series had me fulfilled and I can’t wait to meet more Mason’s.

A Natural Transition by Nicole Falls

This book fed my love of reading. Online and in books Nicole Falls is bust your gut funny. I love finding little goose eggs and pop culture references. Nyema and Langston were everything. Langston is living proof that the quiet ones are the best type of book baes. He sucked the life out of me and gave it right back.

In short, I would like to say when going through something take a minute and escape to another reality. No, it doesn’t always make it better but it could often give you a smile you so desperately need. Check these authors out.

Peace ✌🏾 & Blessings 💕




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