The Sistah Girls Podcast is for people who want real conversation

The Sistah Girls Podcast is LIVE! I am so excited! I have worked on this podcast for several months. I wanted The Sistah Girls Podcast to be filled with candid conversations that people can enjoy. I believe to be authentic sometimes you just have to throw out the rules and create your own flow. The Sistah Girls Podcast for me is a place where I can hear myself and the voices of others.

The episodes feel like I am sitting with you in your living room or at work during your lunch break. It’s ideas, shared opinions, and sometimes disagreements. I give you a peek into the wonderful world of adulting as told by a 30 something black girl (being very sarcastic).

It’s new books I’ve read and loved, filled with interviews from some pretty dope people. It’s entertainment news with a dash of celebrity gossip. It’s political views from taxpayers and thought leaders of our time. It’s a seat at the table with a tall glass of lemonade.

The Sistah Girls Podcast can be found on

 iTunes | Soundcloud | Podomatic

Check out the first episode with black independent author Danielle Allen









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