I am going through a lot. There I said it, out loud and it made its way into this blog post. But aren’t we all? I honestly feel like there is always a battle going on, either one has just ended or one is about to begin. For me it has been me battling myself, going into battle for Dorm Room Television, and I must say I felt like I was losing. I don’t walk around telling everyone my problems because that’s just not me. When I am not in the positive space that I need to be in I try my hardest to surround myself with all the positive energy to build this shield so that I can be protected until I gain what I have lost back and can safely walk around in the world. I wake up everyday and listen to a sermon from my own pastor or T.D Jakes. I have been reading books and listening to gospel just to keep my subconscious mind aware that God is still God.

I have followed entrepreneur Mia Ray for a longggg time, so long that I honestly don’t remember how I found her.  But she has been my play cousin since I’ve found her and can’t nobody tell me anything different. Every single time I have found myself in a bad space especially when its regarding my business or my personal life I go to her snapchat account just to get some of her glitter. I follow a lot of people on social media but I don’t take them all seriously, everyone is an expert or some form of guru which isn’t a bad thing but they all are not for me. I follow Mia on everything, you name the social media handle I follow her on it because I truly believe that she is real. So when Mia dropped that she would be in NYC and was having a meet and greet with the G-Hive by hook or by crook I was going to be there. Wait. Rewind. Remember I said I was going through a lot? Yeah. So the day of I was contemplating not attending because I was deeply in my feelings about all the things I am going through.


I was literally dragging my feet, I kept thinking, she is probably stuck up, and won’t be nice to me anyway. (Talking myself out of my own blessing) It’s raining outside, I’m not in the mood, I’m just not myself. What’s the point? What will I get out of going? A selfie with Mia? That’s cool, but it really is just a selfie. But something said, Sharee just go, you have been following this woman and have been inspired just go if for no other reason than to give her, her roses (thank her in person for being an inspiration to me). So I left my comfy house to go in the cold rain to meet Mia. I got there about an hour late and literally went on every floor in Barnes & Nobel and I couldn’t find her. I had asked the people that worked there they didn’t know and then I went on snapchat (playing no games). I finally spotted Mia sitting with a small group of black beauties laughing and chilling. I went up slow but excited at the same time. I was welcomed by all the women with huge smiles, beat faces, and banging hairstyles (black girl magic in full force). Mia gave me the biggest hug and I instantly was happy that I decided to come. I was nervous especially when I realized I was going to be sitting right next to her for the entire time (I mean she is Mia Ray). Of course me being me I wanted to know who everyone was, as each woman told their stories I realized this was wayyyyy bigger than coming to a regular meet and greet. Every woman at the table had a story that was inspiring, every woman at the table came to be a blessing whether they knew it or not. I got something from everyone who attended the event. mia ray

My biggest aha moment if you will was when Mia said she cut all her hair off to basically show people how good her product was. She went on to ask, “how far would you go for your business or dream?” I had to sit with that a moment, I had to ask myself how far was I willing to go for my dreams? How radical, how outrageous, how extra was I willing to go to make my dreams a reality? I had been so close to giving up (y’all don’t know) you see the social media and the speaking engagements and while I am grateful to God for those blessings at every major high I was supposed to be celebrating there would be something so bad going on at the exact same time where I didn’t celebrate those moments. And I always remember the snap that Mia showed of herself one moment being sad and crying and then coming to a place where she was smiling and happy. I remember the snap because I had been crying right before I watched it and it literally let me know that this too shall pass. (Yup, all from a snap) What I love about Mia is that she doesn’t preach, she doesn’t say in order for you to be great you have to do it like this, she simply shares her story.

We had some heart to hearts, some come to Jesus moments, and fix it Jesus moments. Mia was everything you would want someone you admire to be when you finally get the chance to meet them. And every woman at the table felt it, it’s why we connect with Mia, because she uses her life as the example and as the testimony. Her brand is not about selling you something that’s not real its about opening your eyes and making you realize the talent you have to see whatever you want manifest. I was so inspired, I felt my spirit shift, and I felt like everything was going to be okay. No, not because I met Mia (that was a bonus) but because I was reminded that it was okay to be just be me. Not everyday I’m going to have a good word, not everyday I’m going to feel amazing, but it’s okay. I can have my moment, still love God, and still want the very best for myself.

So thank you Mia and the G Hive for being a major blessing! We ate, drank (slipped energy drinks under the table insider) and got a chance to hang out with a person who really wants to see us all win. And on a day where the sun wasn’t shinning and I was going through it I had an amazing day.



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