Sistah Girls, June is Black Music Month! To celebrate, we interviewed London-based writer, musician, and author of Why Solange Matters, Stephanie Phillips.

When thinking about who to interview for Black Music Month, I wanted to speak to someone who had a passion for music and also understood all the nuances that came with being a Black musician. Phillips was the perfect person, not only is she a music journalist, but she’s also a musician herself.

Her feminist punk band–Big Joanie is helping to change the landscape of what it means to be a Black woman who enjoys punk rock.

Phillips recently added to the Music Matters series by penning a book about Solange Knowles. Why Solange Matters connects the musical dots and timelines that often get little recognition when people mention Solange’s contributions to music.

After reading the book, I gained an even greater appreciation for Solange Knowles as an artist and overall curator of sound and images.

During my interview with Phillips, we talked about what her process was like writing a book about another musician, what Solange Knowles means to Black music and our culture, and what the musical landscape looks like now for Black women who enjoy punk music.

Listen To My Full Interview With Stephanie Phillips…



Bonus: Why Solange Matters Playlist



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