As a former journalist, Zakiya Walden is no stranger to the pen. And as a beta reader, editor, and voice narrator she’s no stranger to the Black literary world either. And now with her debut novel, Blue Obstacles she turning yet another page in her story.

The New Jersey native had a string of life events that led to her independently publishing a novel. Now some may say her career has been serendipitous while others will give all glory to the most high.

But when asked who she is, only one word comes to mind for Walden, storyteller. No matter what form it’s in, she’s
here for the craft of literature. Whether she’s telling your stories—via narration—her own in writing or assisting
in the editorial space, she knows it’s her duty to get it done.

I got the chance to talk to Walden about her journey in the literary space and her debut novel, Blue Obstacles. We dived into how she went from being a music journalist to an independent author and all the steps in between.

Listen to my full interview with Zakiya Walden





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