Black Romance + Urban Novels Featuring Strong Black Women

Sistah Girls, one of the things I love when reading both Black romance and Urban literature is that both genres showcase the many layers of Black people.

We are not a monolithic group and in the world of Black literature, we get a variety. This listicle celebrates all the dope mothers in Black romance and all the smart and sassy women in Urban literature.

Nia Forrester has two books with Mom’s to wish we could call our own. Robyn Scaife in the Four: Stories of Marriage (The ‘Commitment’ Book 5) and Lorna Terry in, The Fall.

The ladies go hard for their families or the ones they claim. In either series, you will meet a woman of high standards. Lorna is high maintenance and strong-willed. Lorna’s daughter Riley learned to accept her fate as her mother never backed down, and for that reason, the mother-daughter bond grew in this story. Robyn’s true genius as a Boss Babe was in full force in her segment.

The Cinnamon Black Series by Angelia Vernon Menchan

You can read any book with Cinnamon Black in the title, and you will see why she is the Queen of Center City where she lives and thrives. If you are new to this author try, Cinnamon Black Heptad Stories Books 1-7 you will devour the boss lady who became the Queen.

In The Reinvention of the Rose and Unbroken Rose by Christina C. Jones, the Mother figure with an edge is Alicia, she is best known as Ace, this lady gives a whole new meaning to Mommy Bear.

Although she is not a mother to the Roses, she keeps them under her wings and guides them to follow her lead with precision. If that is not the anthesis of a mother, then I do not know the meaning very well. Alicia keeps Tempest, Dacia, Kiara, Penelope, Tamra, and even Cree in line. The books in the series make a mother proud.

Another Mom with sass is Kora in the Inevitable Series. Kora dealt with grown-up bullies who target her daughter Dawn in Inevitable Addiction.

With Love, The Flower Sisters by Asia Monique 

This story is about sisters named after flowers proved to be a marvelous idea. As the stories develop readers will learn to love the sisters as they blossom into full-grown flowers under the tutelage of their Aunt who showed them how to wear their crowns with pride.

The Way of Love: (Four Letter Word, #4) by Bella Jay

The little momma in this story was badass because she was a new mom to her baby and her baby’s father’s other baby too. Talk about crazy. But the way Addie showed us why Real Women can be gentle, sweet, and hold down their home with minimal drama is The Ways of Love.

Part two of this list was about strong fierce Black women

Bikes, Toys & Hot Boyz: (A MC Romance Novel) by Genesis Woods & Shantae

This story is about an all-female motorcycle club and the men they chose to be their chosen boos. The sisters: Diem, Drea, and Ophelia Hart carry on the legacy of their legendary father Julian Knight as his Hart’s Angels raise hell, and make magic happen.

This is a gritty story about a group of sisters coming into their own and being a force of nature in the process. What’s more badass than a female biker chick? Three.

Heaux Tales Anthology by Iesha Bree, C. Monet, J. Chary, Storm, Phoenix Ash, and K. Giles

Heaux Tales is filled with short tales by the listed authors. Each story is about super sexy women who own their sexuality and are comfortable in their skin. The females in this story empower us to be naughty, have a good time, and explore life with passion.

The Way You Lie by Aubree Pynn 

Aubree Pynn stated: “It was the eye of the hurricane when it is at rest.” This story had romance, deception, trickery, and the funny as heck Golden Girls, led by Aunt Leslie and her slick tongue. She is the aunt you brag about while sitting on the stoop back in the day. Aubree did her thing with this story.

Sistah Girls, there you have it, if you read any of these books on the list be sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts. 

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