Sistah Girls, are you a moody reader? Well, I am, sometimes I’m in the mood for a mystery, and other times I just want a good Urban novel to curl up with. 

If you’re anything like me then you need some diverse options to go along with your mood and I’ve got just what you need. You all know how I feel about good long books and tasty tales, and this list includes them.

If you’re looking for some mystery…

The Aftermath by Iris Bolling

The Aftermath by Iris Bolling is her newest suspense thriller about a detective caught up in the mystery surrounding the death of his friend, the Prosecuting Attorney. Nate Reigns acts like a mad dog with a bone when he is on a case. The Aftermath is part one of the series.

Tempted (Atlanta’s Finest Series Book 7) by Sharon C. Cooper

Atlanta’s Finest series features hot and super sexy former special forces, military, and police who came together to form a security team with enough connections to protect the President.

In the seventh edition, the story featured old friends and a new love interest. Each edition has a suspenseful side with a romantic element attached.

A little Romance is good for the Soul…

The Point of It All ( The Love Connection Book 3) by Sean D. Young

In this story, a ballerina gave up her dream of dancing on the big stages to teach others her craft. Then a shrewd businessman upsets her balance and her business to become her saving grace in the end.

Back to Love by A.C. Arthur

This was a second chance romance story about high school sweethearts getting the chance to fall in love once again. Of course, you all know in romance stories, there is always the drama and then some easy loving. But the drama in the story does not deter this couple from trying for another chance at love.

It’s Not Me, It’s You (Young In Love Book 1) by Elle Wright 

The first book in the series will force you to read the second book because the ideas for each story were so much fun. I laughed so many times I lost count. The stories are about the Young family, and the antics are hilariously funny.

Blake and Lennox will make you happy to be in your relationship. Breaking and entering should not be a crime, especially if it is all in the name of love. The second Young’s story had the same bravado as the first. You will enjoy both.

Heart Stealer (The Cordoba Agency Book 3) by Delaney Diamond

The cover alone will make you want to see what this handsome guy is all about. The suspense part of the story is much like the first two books in the series, but readers get a little chocolate treat this time. Although his agency asked Raheem to provide security for his former lover in the story, he does not think he would survive with his heart intact. Heart Stealer is the perfect title for this story in many ways.

Although this is a romantic and suspenseful tale, there are real-life problems in the world today in this edition. Diamond’s venture into the suspense trope looks like a successful endeavor with this series.

For a little more spice, try these stories…

Brand New (On the Clock Book 8) by Shae Sanders

If you cannot stand the heat, you will need to stay out of Shae’s kitchen. She always brings the unexpected narrative in her super sexy tales. The story was a revisit to BillCo and some of the previous characters. But where did she find Nico and Cinnamon? It would be best to be ready for anything with Sanders–she knows how to keep us on our toes.

With Your Permission: An Erotic BDSM Forbidden Romance by Danielle Burton

I’m not sure what is in the water since Covid-19, but it seems like the stories are getting hotter by the page. If you can handle some steamy love scenes, you will be okay with this story and the backstory that showcased true love stories. Several parts in this edition were different from this author’s usual works, yet she boldly tackled this story.

For Urban Book Lovers…

Her Heart My Soul: China & Keem by K. Renee

If you’re looking for a little hood, K. Renee will deliver a story you can bank on! This story has a tight plot, some crazy characters, drama, and a lot of romance. In the series, China and Keem’s stories are gritty, thought-provoking, and fill my urban reads bucket.

Sistah Girls, let me know in the comments section if you liked my selections for this month, until next time…

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